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Old Thu 24 September 2009, 09:41
Just call me: MUG
Gecko 203v red and green light all the time

It started when I tried to switch motor from one gecko to another one (I guess) becouse I had problems with one motor which was caused by poor wiring btw.
I have red and green led light in my gecko 203v.
It shows up even when I disconnect whole box from power and connect it again, it lights even when no motor is connected to drive, and even no step/direction cables are connected to BOB.
Other 3 geckos work fine and are connected the same way (in the past everything was working fine).
Any ideas what could be wrong?
The protective shutdown mode should be gone after power restart I guess. So maybe fuse is blown?
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Old Thu 24 September 2009, 12:35
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
I passed your message to and this is the reply from Marcus:

"That is not going to be a protective reset problem. If the red and green indicators are lit at the same time then there is something seriously wrong with the drive. Is he machining metal by any chance? It sounds like some metal chips may have gotten in there. If possible, ask him to send the drive back here for evaluation and repair because it will no longer work if the red and green indicators are on. This is also not a fuse problem because that would mean there would be no LED turning on. "

MUG, looks like you have to open the drive and carefully check that it is clean inside.
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Old Fri 25 September 2009, 09:35
Just call me: MUG
Thank you Gerald,
I have faster reply by mechmate forum than from gecko support where I sent email day or two earlier.
Well I supposed that drive died. I machined no metal yet , so no metal chips in the drive for sure.
Looks like it needs to be repaired by gecko tech stuff.
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