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Old Thu 22 May 2008, 06:19
Just call me: OzanBlotter
Touch Panels & Interface Design

Dear Friends,

Here's a video footage of my new system :

Sorry for Turkish Buttons and Labels but hope you can understand easily, btw enjoy ItaloDisco soundtrack used in...

I can design Mach3 interfaces in any count of axis and required buttons / menus / DRO's etc in any language. And i can supply touchpanels to use with them.

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Old Thu 22 May 2008, 10:03
Just call me: Sharma #9 India
Nice 'Vid' and music too. Professional touch with ease.
you owe me 5 rapidshare points now
I like rapidshare for fast downloads.
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Old Thu 22 May 2008, 14:11
Just call me:
TouchScreens for Mach3

Ozan - THe video is very nice. Your customization of Mach3 is pretty impressive - I like your buttons much better than the standard mach3 buttons which I have a hard time hitting on my 17" touchscreen. Can I ask if you started with a template for Mach3 and then further customized it or did you write it from scratch?

For others - you can add touchscreen to your PC/Mach3 setup by picking up one of the "Elo" touch screens off of ebay. They run less than $100 for the tube monitors and less than $200 for LCD (both used). Prices are higher for larger or newer screens. The interface off of the monitor is usually serial (older) or USB (newer).

I've found I use my touchscreen (I have a full keyboard and mouse on my mobile CNC station) about 10% of the time - usually to start jobs.
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Old Fri 23 May 2008, 00:23
Just call me: OzanBlotter
Dear David & Friends,

I started with a template and customized as it's orientation on buttons were wrong on somewhere, removed some unused / not working buttons and bugs. I added my buttons / labels / useful new stuff. Anyway, i learned a lot about customizing and i can design anything from scratch.

I will touch a bit more and then release it under if they accept it to make available for download on their official mach3 website. Of course, the English version.

Also thinking about other languages, but i need friends whom can send me a list of terms in English to their Language.

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