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Old Tue 13 December 2011, 21:35
Just call me: John
Kamloops B.C.
I will venture that you have a piece of cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), like all members of the rosewood family they can cause sneezing and itching and should be machined with good dust control and a mask as you can become permanently sensatized.

you can find and example image of a similar piece here:
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Old Tue 13 December 2011, 22:37
Just call me: Ken
It doesn't smell during cutting & carving.
The waxy feel I meant is the finishing touch feel like a well polished & waxed wood.
As for exotic wood, Rosewood & maple are exotic to me
John, thanks for the heads up, Cocobolo! More pix of Cocobolo
Lucky me, the wood chips & shavings aren't irritating to my skin.

Last edited by KenC; Tue 13 December 2011 at 22:53.. Reason: added links
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Old Wed 14 December 2011, 00:23
Just call me: Joe #53
Whidbey Island, Washington
United States of America
Those pictures remind me of a wood I found in Mexico 40 years ago that was called Xericote (or Zericote). Hard, dense, heavy beautiful. I still have several blocks I bought back then. I can't seem to find a project good enough for the wood.

Maybe Conrado knows!
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Old Wed 14 December 2011, 06:46
Just call me: Roger
Matthews (North Carolina)
United States of America
Your Mom

I promise this is my last "don't run with scissors" post on this subject. One of the posts of above had a quote "There are two kinds of people, those who are allergic to cocobolo, and those who will be." This statement is most likely founded on the phenomenon of cumulative sensativity. I worked with a guy that was not allergic to poison ivy. He took great pleasure in walking through poison ivy thickets, while everybody else went around. Then, one day, apparently his immune system rebelled and he was covered with poison ivy sores. Bee stings are sort of famous for this, with each sting being a little worse until they induce a life threatening reaction. So, take a little care, and you can stay in the camp of "people who will be allergic", your whole life.
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Old Fri 23 December 2011, 02:27
Just call me: Ken
A custom order.
660 x 670mm on MDF.
Painted red with house gross paint
Modified pen-string with water soluble gold paint with blink blink gold dust.

Freshly carved

Before applying my modified pen-striping

After the blink blink gold painted on the carved letters

A close up of the letter "Dragon" . the blink blink gold paint gives a dramatic photo effect....
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Old Fri 23 December 2011, 02:36
Just call me: Kobus #6
Riversdale Western Cape
South Africa
Send a message via Yahoo to Kobus_Joubert Send a message via Skype™ to Kobus_Joubert
Fantastic machine you have there Ken. How does it know how to write that language ?
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Old Fri 23 December 2011, 02:46
Just call me: Ken
It went to our local school
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Old Mon 05 March 2012, 05:57
Just call me: Ken
I would like to borrow Rikschoof's words " I'm allergic to software, I get red rashes"

After months of reluctant effort to learn up Ubuntu & LinuxCNC (previously known as EMC2) enough to open a terminal, issue a few commands, change directories so that I could proceed with upgraded to current LTS version of Ubuntu 10.04 & LinuxCNC V2.4.7 from 8.04 & V2.3.4 withou internet connection.

While I was at it, , I managed to mustered enough energy to (finally) wire up the dust covered economical USD7 generic game-pad that I bought for such purpose.

I got it working following this step by step tutorial & with a little left-over energy & over-dose of excitement, I went on adding E-stop button & On/Off button. which I also selectively copied from this Joystick hal file with axis lockout. Presently, I don't think it is necessary for me to lock the axis as I have plenty of free buttons available on the gamepad, hence, I assign 2 buttons to do only +-X & 2 buttons to do +-Y.
Maybe I'll add a "Pause" & "Stop" button later... but I just ran out of energy & concentration...


I basically did nothing apart from learning how to use Ubuntu.... Hope someone will benefit from what I struggled through.

Last edited by KenC; Mon 05 March 2012 at 06:09..
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