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Old Fri 25 April 2008, 06:50
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
I have never measured it, but I would estimate it as much less than 1kg [2.2#] . The biggest drag will be the cable and hose for the plasma.

Greg, if you are reading this, you have a free gantry without motors at the moment, do you agree that the gantry starts running with less than 2 pounds pressure?

The friction with V-rollers is much less than with linear bearings because there are no seals.

The discussion on mass / resistance moved to separate thread.

Let this thread continue on Plasma Cutting . . . . . . .
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Old Sat 17 May 2008, 21:36
Just call me: Cristobal
RFI shield

This is my first post in this Forum, so Hello to everyone.
I am doing the initial tests of the Plasma table I did, but I am having a problem after few seconds of cutting; the system gets crazy with different behaviors every time. I am using a licensed Mach3 and it works fine having the Plasma equiment Off.
I am using a German Plasma (ERFI, Mod. PS99, 60 Amps). I tried to get technical info from the factory about the RFI signal, but I couldn't get their technical support.
I suspect RFI is my problem, so I pretend to wire the Table again, shielding the limit and home wires, and installing a copper rod to ground the Table itself.
Is not clear for me the important points about shielding and grounding, as for example if Motor wires should also be shielded, even they are outputs, not inputs.
Any tip about this subject will be greatly appreciated.
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Old Sun 18 May 2008, 19:32
Just call me: Doug #3
Conway (Arkansas)
United States of America

I'm certainly not an expert on shielding but I can tell you that we shield all of our wires. It costs a little bit more but then if you keep having problems, you should be able to eliminate the cables as the possible source of the problems. Also, we only ground one end of the shielding and we insulate the other end. The end that is nearest to the control box is grounded in the control box. Finally, all of the shielding is grounded at the same point in the control box.

Good luck. I hope you get it fixed.
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Old Tue 03 June 2008, 05:23
Just call me: Liam
just wondering if any modification would be needed to the main table if plasma cutter was to be used

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Old Tue 03 June 2008, 08:29
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
From what I have read, it would seem that you would want a metal based GRID for a bed instead of a spoilboard and possibly a water pan to catch all the hot slag and metal that is going to be generated. A torch height controller seems like it will be a must for good cuts as well.
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Old Thu 12 June 2008, 13:30
Just call me: Liam
another question on this if i may this metal based grid is what the steel to be cut sits on does the plasma cutter not cut into this as it would work out V expensive to replace or am i missing something
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Old Thu 12 June 2008, 13:44
Just call me: archie
prichard, wv
United States of America
You are correct the verticle slats are "consumables" but If you are cutting thin ish metal it just grazes the top of the slats. the metal being cut is supported across the top of the slats. and the slats should just drop in so they are replaceable.......

Does that make sense..........
there is some very interesting info here

Happy Hunting
archie =) =) =)
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Old Wed 30 March 2011, 10:42
Just call me: Ros
Canary Islands
Send a message via MSN to isladelobos Send a message via Yahoo to isladelobos
How to select a good plasma cutter.

About the plasma cutters and CNC.

To select a good plasma cutter for a cnc system we need see the specifications.

Not all the plasma cutters systems comes with the new BlowBack technology which removes high frequency startups that can disrupt CNC controls and nearby computer systems.

For example in ESAB.

ESAB Powercut 900
ESAB Powercut 1300
ESAB Powercut 1600

Their plasma cutters have BlowBack technology and grownding system for CNC tables.

And the Chinesse plasma cutters possible come with the old technology, this work nice but for one cnc table not recomended. (high frequency arc starting).

Hope that helps.
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Old Wed 30 March 2011, 14:10
Just call me: Jason #82
United States of America
Originally Posted by jeep534 View Post
You are correct the verticle slats are "consumables" but If you are cutting thin ish metal it just grazes the top of the slats.)

It never stops amazing me how little damage is done to the slats even when cutting 2" plate with a oxy-propane torch. It's all about having the proper speed and power (or gas) settings.
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