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Old Thu 13 December 2007, 16:24
plain ol Bill
Just call me: Bill
Olympia, WA
United States of America
First mat. ordered - Olympia, WA

Well I ordered the first material for my build today. Could not find 1/4" thick angle for the rails so bought some 2.5" x 1.5" x 3/16" instead. Looking at the drawings of V wheels this should work but may have to increase attachments because of the lower weight. This build will take some time to complete but I wanted to try my hand at cutting and making the rails. As far as fabrication that should be the toughest part for me.
Gerald I printed out all the drawings and have been getting more and more familiar with them. I just wanted to comment that this seems to be very well thought out and organized set of plans. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this available to us. I'm sure I will bug you with questions as I go along but at least I am off to a start. I will try to get pics as this and post them up as I proceed. Forgot to mention guys, but this one is aimed at being a plasma table with a seperate water table contained within the rails. Stay tuned -- here we go!
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Old Fri 14 December 2007, 05:05
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
If your starting with the Rails, call Rick @ Superior Bearing in Ohio and order your v-bearings and eccentrics now. You will need the eccentrics from that to build your skate grinder per the new Mamba Spec. Then, order the 8 bearings you will need to attach to eccentrics to finish the skate grinder. Make sure you order the proper ID/OD on the skate grinder. It is in Metrics....Darn if I can't find the post I wrote earlier. The rest of what you need should be available locally. Sounds like you have a good place to start. Make sure you mention this is for a MechMate CNC table.....Rick likes to track purchases based on use and is VERY MechMate friendly.
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