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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 07:48
Just call me: ola
Bosch Colt with VS ON/OFF Control

On my 3 axis cnc I have a Bosch Colt VS router which currently is controlled manually with an ON/OFF switch. I would like to have Mach3 tuning the router ON/OFF but not sure how to achieve this; perhaps with a relay or another BOB?

I was looking at the Super-PID but thatís an expensive solution

The only BOB I have now installed is shown here:

Any ideas?
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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 08:31
darren salyer
Just call me: Darren #101
Wentzville mo
United States of America
Welcome to the MechMate ola.
We primarily focus on the construction and use of the MechMate router.
A better place to ask your question is probably a forum dedicated to whatever control software you are currently using.

Good Luck!!

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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 10:58
Just call me: CPAC
United States of America
I'm going to respond assuming the you are asking about a MM.

Yes, you probably want to drive a relay with a low voltage coil from an available BOB output. Or a SSR as discussed in one of the last threads in this sub-forum.

I'm a newbie here myself and think if a question is 100% applicable to a MM build then answering or discussing it can only further the knowledge and experience in the forum.

That said I don't know of any forum where asking questions that have already been answered is received well. It comes across as asking others to do work for you that you have taken no time to attempt yourself.
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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 11:42
Just call me: ola
Thank you both for your time

I understand this a MM forum however I thought a typical wiring question will be applicable to both MM and other machines

I don’t think my question is answered already, I did see a similar question posted but it was not with a C10 BOB

Finally I apologize, I’m not the type to create problems. Forums are a wonderful way to share knowledge and I respect people who use their time to help others for free
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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 11:48
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
The question you ask is a normal solution for the MM.
You can use the spindle (on/off) toggle on the Mach 3 software to turn a remote relay on/off.

Depending on the break out board on your particular CNC machine. You may have to purchase a few items to properly switch the size relay (current capacity) needed to operate your router.

The Mach 3 manual has a very detailed section to assist you in understanding spindle and relay control.

Good luck
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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 18:25
Just call me: Al #114
Send a message via Skype™ to lonestaral

Ola, This is what I did.

There is a link to a site on post 14.
You should be able to do it.
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Old Mon 07 March 2016, 18:39
Just call me: ola
Thanks Al for the info, much appreciated
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