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Old Fri 11 May 2007, 19:08
Euan Stewart
Just call me:
I'm nearly finished (computer simulation)

Hi, thought that would get your attention. I'm nearly finished building a "virtual" mechmate. I've taken the plans (they are so great, thanks again Gerald) and turned them into a virtual machine. I haven't tidied it up, (its still missing most of the nuts and bolts and a payload) but thought I'd post what I've done so far so you guys can have a look.

I wanted to get a better idea of what was involved in actually building one of these beasts so I went and modelled it in Autodesk Inventor. And here's what I got....

And it moves!!!

What do you think?? I'm pretty happy that I know how to build one of these, now I just have to work on convincing the wife I do!!!

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Old Fri 11 May 2007, 21:09
Jay Waters
Just call me:
Wow, that is really awesome! Great job Euan. Looking at your renderings makes me wish I had mine finished now. Great movie on youtube, also.
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Old Sat 12 May 2007, 06:09
Robert Masson
Just call me:
Hi Euan,

Very nice work, hat?s off to you !!
I?m impress & curious ??
I?m also hoping to convert Gerald plans to ipt since, in a more modest approach, I use Inventor.
Hate to say, but I believe I unintentionally started a polemic here ! buy hopping getting dxf instead of pdf to simplify the conversion to ipt!!??

So excuse me, but I sincerely to not want to offend you or anyone else and/or pushing the wrong buttons but could you tell me how you went about converting pdf into ipt?s ?
By the looks of it, I believe you know more about this than I !
Thanks in advance for your help
Good luck on your built !
Amicalement, Robert
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Old Mon 14 May 2007, 14:46
Euan Stewart
Just call me:
Hi Robert,

No offense taken whatsoever Robert! I just hope I can help in some way. I didn't use any special tricks or anything to get the drawings converted to Inventor ipts, I just manually created the parts and assemblies in Inventor using the pdf's (they are fantastic by the way Gerald!, thanks).

I don't think you really started a polemic (had to look that word up to see what it meant, I'm an engineer). We just have to be careful that we look after the guys on this forum who do so much hard work and effort. Probably the main reason they put so much effort in is too see people join in with them (actually reads "become addicted too" ha ha). What will frustrate them is if we just take take take without putting in the effort ourselves to study and do some investigation ourselves. I'm not saying that that's what your doing though, just that that is probably what is behind the tone of some of the comments in the other threads.

Let me know if I can help in some way,
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Old Wed 20 June 2007, 21:08
Greg J
Just call me: Greg #13
Hagerman, New Mexico
United States of America

WOW, that is great!!! I've done 3d modeling and I know how much work you put in. Great job!! I showed my wife the UTube video and she really liked it. My stepper motors arrived today and your model helped show her where they went and what they did. It helped justify the budget!!!

Again, very nice model
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