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Gadget47 Mon 30 October 2017 21:24

Greetings from Long Island, NY
Greetings !
I downloaded the MM files several years ago, but never went as far as the build. I'm currently expanding my operations and am looking at this machine once again- I will have the resources (within a years time) to invest in a large cnc machine that I will use primarily for sheet aluminum and some plastics.
I like the sturdy look and expandability of this machine, and believe it will suit my needs just fine. I'm looking to have a sheet capacity of 5' x 9' max capacity, with 5-6" z depth. I'm also interested in an added 4th axis.
I Plan on either servo control or hybrid steppers w/position feedback for motion control, along with a water cooled spindle. I do plan on having some type of coolant system (for cutting) along with air (chips and cooling) lights and extras. I will paint it MM Blue too!.
Whether or not I get all this , only time will tell, but you have to dream big.
I have mig/tig/arc and gas for welding, plasma cutter and various machine tools to help me build this, along with a 4x5' sheet capacity Joe's cnc machine that I made out of aluminum (finished few years ago). I have over 1,000 hrs of use on that machine, with minor repairs and great results.
If all goes well with my company, S-Squared 3D Printers,Inc , I will be able to start this project and add to my shops machines. Thank you for this opportunity.

MetalHead Tue 31 October 2017 04:03

Welcome aboard!

jhiggins7 Tue 31 October 2017 05:14


If you decide to proceed with servo's, you might want to check out BillT's very successful implementation of servos for his MechMate #111 documented here.

Gadget47 Wed 01 November 2017 07:47

thanks for the tip. Those servo systems are very impressive, and will most certainly have to upgrade my Joes to them. Looks like the way to go for my mechmate build.

IamDave Wed 08 November 2017 22:02

Good luck on the build. Sounds like you have the tools to build a nice one.

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