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joselalupa Fri 23 September 2011 22:42

about to start buying to make my table
hi, maybe this question have been aroung since ages but can't find any answer to my pledge.
i am about to build my mech but there is a lot of different information and options.
my table will be 8 x 10 feet. recently i've seen interesting design based on aluminum extrude, is that suitable for routing? is it stable and sturdy enough?
my idea is to have a dual purpose table: plasma and router changing the head of the spindle to make the movement lighter.
what i would like is a general avice on what direction should i follow.
next i'll list what i have considered to build my model, please help me deciding because i know a wrong direction to follow means a lot of money at the size i am planning:

for general structure aluminum extrude
as linear rail i plan to use round sbr20
pinion and gear
nema34 for all axes
ballscrew for z axis.

i am actually looking for information before doing anything else.
i konw this information is kind of vage but would like ti know opinions to start defining details of my project
thanks a lot

KenC Sat 24 September 2011 00:12

Multi-purpose machines are generally compromised, they always end up being the Jack of all trade, Ace of non...

joselalupa Sat 24 September 2011 04:09

so your recomendation is going for two setups. any suggestions about the list i wrote? actually what i need to cut with plasma is pretty simple shape so the specs should point to router. is aluminum possible?

bradm Sat 24 September 2011 04:56

Aluminum is possible, but it's not what we do here, we are pretty dedicated to the MechMate design, which is welded steel. There are many other possible designs; see cnczone for them.

In general, the aluminum designs are not as stiff, which matters when taking either large or accurate cuts in wood; for plasma they are sufficient.

Your list of materials implies on of the aluminum designs; the MechMate design relies on fabricating V-roller rails from steel.

You may want to research a bit more on what type of machine best fits your needs, and if you choose the MechMate design you'll find lots of support here.

joselalupa Sun 25 September 2011 07:09

thanks a lot bradm, i am investigating the best option to build.
i think i'll go aluminum for plasma and mechmate for router, i'll take your advice.
thanks a lot

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