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ymech Sun 06 September 2020 03:17

Hello to all
I am yvo, 49 years old and l live in Holland. I am a teacher at a technical "middle" school in mechatronics. My roots are more in the mechanics.
Now i want to learn more about step motors and electric in general.

Therefore i decided to build a cnc router. I hope i can learn from other people and i hope it is also the onther way around.

Regars Yvo

jhiggins7 Sun 06 September 2020 06:10

Welcome Yvo. This is definitely a place to learn by doing. If you build a MechMate you will, by necessity, learn a great deal about CNC machines including mechanics, electronics and software.

ymech Tue 08 September 2020 04:14

Hello jhiggins7,

That's for sure. My goal is to work the electric and the mechanical parts out in solidworks and EPLAN Electric.

rischoof Tue 08 September 2020 07:47

Hello Yvo, welcome to the site, nice to see a build in the Netherlands

MetalHead Sat 07 November 2020 06:45

Welcome aboard!!

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