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lukebarber Thu 21 March 2019 17:34

Spindle Frequency?
I bought and installed a new 1.5hp water-cooled spindle with an inverter to run it. Inverter is esv112n02yxb . Now whenever I switch the spindle on, it triggers my limit switches (in Mach3) and I can only reset it when the spindle is not running. Would adding a line reactor to the inverter help? Spindle and limit switch wiring is all shielded and properly grounded.

I'm virtually at a standstill. Any help?

danilom Sat 23 March 2019 05:51

What breakout board are you using ? is it optoisolated?

If it is isolated I would first try to connect the PC to the mains with small line filter.

also check if everything is properly grounded , if the vfd has internal emc filter try disconnecting it , this was known to make me problems with control techniques vdf

lonestaral Sat 23 March 2019 19:36

I had to put the VFD on a separate earth to
the computer and machine.
Hope this helps.

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