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lonestaral Tue 18 June 2013 02:08

Looking through new windows #114 - Isarn, Thailand
Hello all,
A quick introduction.
Mid 50,s, not working at the moment.
Spent 25 years programing and running other peoples machines.

I built a Jgro last year, too slow and not rigid enough.
So I have the motors and control.
I bought the rack and pinion parts a few months back.

I intend to start construction of a Mech mate when I get the funds.
I will build a 1200 x 600 bed machine.
I would like a 1200 x 1200 but not enough space.

A lot to learn and a lot to do.
Keep you posted.

IMMark Tue 18 June 2013 16:23

Welcome of luck on your build (and employment).

lonestaral Tue 18 June 2013 21:56

Thank's for the welcome.

Ok, some questions on materials.
I cannot get some of the sizes.
I can get 50 x 50 mm for the rails but I would have to move the holes out or reduce the center distance from rail to rail.

The 6" channel iron is available but expensive and at 6 Meters long I would use about half.

Could I piggy back 3" together by bolting or welding.
I know it is more work but I have the time.
I can borrow a stick welder, just got to learn how to weld.
Thanks for your time

KenC Wed 19 June 2013 00:05

Welcome Al, As your intended for 1200 x 600, u don't need big C channel.I would recommend building up with 2" x 3" RHS. or simply use 2" x 4" C channels. & your 50 x 50 rail will fit in snuggly.
Honestly, 600 seems a bit too small, The gantry is 800mm wide already, doesn't look right... top heavy...

rischoof Wed 19 June 2013 07:00

Welcome to the forum
I build a machine 1250x700 my x is 700 and my y is 1250.
If I get more space available in future I will enlarge my x to 2500 and my y and z are ready.

lonestaral Fri 21 June 2013 00:04

Thanks guy's.

Build it the other way round, then use the Y & Z parts for a bigger machine in the future, space , time and budget permitting. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that is one clever idea.

Why didn't I think of that.:o

Might do it that way.
My dad always said to get bigger than what you want as you will need it sometime.
Time to revise the materials list.

lonestaral Wed 03 July 2013 05:53

A few questions before I commit to a build.

I have 1.8Nm (256 oz/inch) stepper motors.
Will they be good enough ?

What rapid and feed rates should I expect from these motors if suitable (how long is a piece of string) ?

Hours for a build ?. Not a welder (on the job training !)

Lubricaion ? (A squirt from an oil can now and again)
Grease and wood dust, yummy !

All ideas welcome.

KenC Wed 03 July 2013 06:28

"Hours of built" This is my favorite,
for those who never started, eternity,
for those who never want to finish, 9 incarnations,
for Perfectionist, as long as it takes...
for those who want a machine in a hurry, as soon as time/money runs out.

All the above applies to welder & non-welders... :)

Don't worry, if the 1.8Nm motor can turn the machine, keep them; otherwise, get some bigger one for replacement.

When you get yours running, you will find out the rapid feed speed by that time & decide if the speed is any good.

Grease? After a while, I got lazy & forget about there is such thing call lubrication....

lonestaral Wed 03 July 2013 06:38

A philosopher speaks.

I quite agree. (Suck it and see)

A day or two more reading and looking at drawings.
See what I can beg, steal & Borrow, the rest I buy.

Then into the deep end.:eek:

darren salyer Sun 07 July 2013 06:17

Welcome, Al.
Jump on in to the deep end.
When I started, there was so much I didn't know, looking back I probably shouldn't have.
I think this forum and its support have evolved to the point that anyone with a little common sense and some decent forum etiquette can be successful in creating a production machine.
Every day the posters here show me how little I really know, and for that I'm grateful.:)

lonestaral Thu 08 August 2013 03:20

It looks like I will be buying steel tomorrow.
The X axis nut on my machine has worn out.
I could get a new one made but I would replace the Y & Z as well.
Expense and time versus a new machine.
I vote for a new machine.
Do I start a new thread in the "Construction started" when the steel arrives ?

darren salyer Thu 08 August 2013 05:47

Just keep posting here, and one of the Mods will move it when they see actual construction has started.

Best of Luck!!

lonestaral Fri 09 August 2013 03:05

2 Attachment(s)
Steel's up !
Deck cleared for action.

The wife has that look on her face, some of you will know it.
It translates "I hope he knows what he is doing".
It is the same in any language.

Hostilities will commence after daybreak tomorrow.

lonestaral Fri 09 August 2013 03:19

Sorry, I forgot to ask.

Can I change the title of this thread from "Steel coming in soon" to "Hawkwind"

Is there a preferred build method ?
I read somewhere to start from the top down.
I will build some of the base first because I do not have a proper workbench.
I can use the partly built base as a bench.

parrulho Fri 09 August 2013 10:19

good luck with your start. i did my table upside down and only, really, need help to turn it over.


KenC Fri 09 August 2013 23:50

I did mine upside down too, easier on the back. but you will definitely need help to turn it over.

lonestaral Sat 10 August 2013 03:10

2 Attachment(s)
Made a start today cutting steel.
15 pieces cut.
15 pieces deburred
1 cut too long, but better than short (Misread cutting list)
1 burn (No footwear)
1 bruised big toe(Ditto)
2 Splinters (No gloves)
1 Backache.
1 Worn out chop saw disc.
1 Worn out sanding disc
1 worn out operator

KenC Sat 10 August 2013 05:09

Now the fun begins!
Are those all the steel you ordered?

lonestaral Sat 10 August 2013 05:47

Hawkwind, a start
Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Now the fun begins!
Are those all the steel you ordered?
No, there is more to cut tomorrow, or the day after,
or the day after that.
I am not as young as I was or as young as the wife would like.:o

A jogger build I think, no sprint for me.:)

KenC Sat 10 August 2013 22:03

What size channel are you using for the main beam?

lonestaral Sun 11 August 2013 05:39

76 X 38 X 6mm

KenC Sun 11 August 2013 19:19

I hope you will stack up the channels or other concoction to increase the beam height. or you will end up having only 40~50mm clearance between the gantry beam to the table top.

lonestaral Tue 13 August 2013 05:52

First rails cut
3 Attachment(s)
I cut 2 rails to height today.
Luckily I read this thread first.
I found it a big help.

Yes, work outside.
Ensure all sparks go away from the house and move vehicles.
Ear and eye protection.
Take your time.

The base for the jig is 20mm mdf.
Top plate steel.

Mounted the rails and jig on the bed from my old machine.
Above mounted on an old washing up stand.
Clamp and cut, reposition and cut.

I found I could get a better cut if I left the top plate in contact
with the rail(photo 14)
I left the top plate slightly proud of the grinder casing.
The discs wore away and the grinder gearbox did not contact the rail

Old Machtec 4" grinder.
Cheap 1mm cutting discs.
Used 2 1/2 discs on the 2 rails.

Happy with the result.
2 more rails tomorrow.

KenC Tue 13 August 2013 07:02

The guard is ingenious! Love it!

lonestaral Wed 14 August 2013 02:56

All rails cut
1 Attachment(s)
I cut the other rails today.
It went better than yesterday (must be the practice).
I used 5 cutting discs on the 4 rails, just made it with the last disc.

I had a bonus.
I could not get 6 mm X 20 mm steel for the rail clamp strips.
The bits that I cut off the rails came off at 19mm.
That will do nicely thank you.

Might make a start on the base frame tomorrow.
Oh no ! Welding :eek:

darren salyer Wed 14 August 2013 05:44

Looks like great progress.

Robert M Wed 14 August 2013 10:04

Oh no ! Welding

Not to seems "worst" than it is !
Good luck ;)

MetalHead Wed 14 August 2013 10:39

I learned ugly weld hold good also :) !!!

Andrew_standen Thu 15 August 2013 10:47

Oh no ! Welding!
that's what I thought, before I started my mechmate,
don't worry, its not as hard as it looks.
You will be ok, just take it one bit at a time.

lonestaral Sat 17 August 2013 06:57

4 Attachment(s)
After a day of producing bird crap via a welding set and then grinding it off
I decided I needed some help.
Hire a welder.

Bulk of the base welded to a standard I am happy with in 1/10 of the time.

Lost a day due to thunderstorms and power cuts.
Axis strips cut,drilled, cross members drilled.
See how many Health and safety rules infringed on one of the photos.
In case you wonder why we wore shorts, look at the temperature.

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