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ldorta Thu 27 September 2007 04:17

Rust protection
Hehehehe thanks Gerald. My V rails are done and the V tires are coming soon. In a few days I'll put some pictures.
Another question, what is used on the V to protect against rust?


Gerald D Thu 27 September 2007 04:51

We are not putting anything special on the rails, but in our workshop in general we have few problems from rust. I suppose a light wipe with an oil cloth will be enough? Probably the same for all your other tools.

This thread on the old forum may be interesting.

Marc Shlaes Thu 27 September 2007 08:48

In my humid climate, I have found:

oil + sawdust + humidity = big mess.

There is a product that I use that has so far exceeded my expectations that I consider it a near "miracle". I use Boeshield.

Boeshield T-9, developed by the Boeing company, was created to protect the polished metal parts on mainly landing gear. You can imagine that the metal landing struts (Giant shock absorber / spring combinations) as well as steering mechanisms are exposed to the worst extreme scenarios. Very hot, very cold, very wet, very dry. The product works so well that a little spray on a rag and a quick wipe will protect the polished rails for MONTHS!

I can't say enough. I have told all of my friends and they think as highly of it as I do. I wish I made money whenever someone buys it but, don't worry, I don't.

Here is a link:

jwt Tue 19 October 2010 07:54

I'll see you your Boeing and raise you the US Navy


Keeps aluminium (aluminum) free from corrosion from salt spray on motorbikes, jets vector thrust jet engines.

I use it, I'd buy the company if I could.

I ride bikes in winter and a good coat of this stuff all over the bike in autumn and a wash in Spring is all that is required.


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