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Gerald D Fri 20 June 2008 12:36

Why do some pictures vanish after a while?
Pictures can "vanish" for a couple of reasons:

- The poster may have simply made a link to a picture hosted on an outside website, and that website removed the picture during a normal edit of their pages.

- The outside website may not have known that their pictures are being shown here, and they could have raised an objection when they discovered their bandwidth/copyright was being abused.

- The poster hosted the picture in an album on his own site, and later deleted the picture from his album

- A moderator or myself considered the picture as inappropriate/misleading/offensive/etc. and we deleted it (but then a note will normally be left in its place), or

- I made a booboo (I can undo moderator booboo's, but mine are cast in stone)

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