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JDRCNC Mon 25 March 2019 10:51

Mechmate Almost complete
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Hi I am re-posting this under my Company name (my other user name Jd.roberts) I have almost everything to build a Mechmate. (All bearings, V-bearings, pinion gear and all hardware and accessories) Most of the hard work is done, table built, rails ground, major wiring of control box done. You will need a Z mount, spindle and Pinion Rack, all other parts are here. Great head start to building a Mechmate.

1. Heavy Duty Custom sized (Set up to handle 60"X96" wide sheets) table welded and ready, Gantry Welded and set up, Z Carriage welded
4:1 Reduction Box kit (welded) (Metal Mike kit)
2. All rails ground bolted down everything rolls flat and true
3. All electronics: Metal Mikes Control box and electronic Kit, (including E-stop kits, hard stops etc) All Gecko drivers, PMDX 134, 126, and spindle controller Stepper motors from Kelling, Matched Power supply from Antek, All cable and wiring to wire machine.

All parts new

Pick up in Arizona,
$4500.00 in build so far $3000.00 takes all

PM for pics

JDRCNC Mon 24 February 2020 15:43

Price Update $2000.00 Almost Complete Mechmate
Now $2000.00 pick up. Fantastic deal.

MarkRH Sun 26 April 2020 13:30

I'm interested in the belt reductions if you still have them.

EMC2ed Sat 23 May 2020 11:37

Is this still for sale?
I'm up in Canada, so I couldn't get down till the border is open again, but quite interested.


JDRCNC Sun 19 July 2020 21:13

Machine is still avail. It's in storage and waiting for a new owner.

Foam Sat 21 November 2020 11:31

Mech mate for sale
If you still have this I am interested. Please contact Ken 214 780 7468

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