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Pierre GRAND Fri 13 April 2007 18:28

"High tech" Rack and pinions Nexengroup
Hi guys,

I just would like to share this product web site for
hightech racks and pinions solution.I think the price of these products is far from v-rollers and rails best and low cost solution from Gerald?

Gerald_D Sat 14 April 2007 01:50

I saw those roller "rack & pinions" before, and I do not believe the marketing claims of that company. When some real customers talk about how good they are, then I will laugh a bit less. That design is similar to a bicycle chain, only it is the opposite way around.

Funny how companies say that normal rack & pinion is bad when they try to sell a different idea.

IN-WondeR Thu 24 January 2008 01:00

nexen Roller Pinion System
Have you all seen this rack and pinion...

The say it delivers more speed, more accuracy and less maintenance than any other system out there....

Click the link for info...

They even have a small video of the thing in action...

Gerald D Thu 24 January 2008 02:38

Hi Kim, welcome back!

See this thread:

Robert M Thu 24 January 2008 06:02

What marketing claims is…well in my experience & opinion they just never really care about customer needs, ethics and… the environment. Actually, their paid to sell & pusha product not to care or making it better, just making more sales !
As any marketing guy will say or heard “ it’s a new old thing, just redone in a better way !”
Seen it, done it and out of it for ever !
People, be careful when it’s sound to good. It will never be said enough !!
My opinion. Amicalement Robert :)

IN-WondeR Thu 24 January 2008 13:26

Thank's Gerald...

I'm not planning on buying this, I just stumbled on it, and thought what a nice idea... So what am I doing, trying to build my own version... nice to have a Co2 Laser at your disposal... :-D

Nad as far as accuracy, I'm not sure, but I'll see what it will do later this year as I'm trying to get hold of some pretty small roller pinions for the wheel that drives along the rail... The Rail I have already made DXF for, now all I need is the roller....

And Robert... That is very true, but never the less, I'm going to try and make my own rails and rollers the nexen way to, just to try and make it work for me...

IN-WondeR Thu 24 January 2008 13:48

1 Attachment(s)
First try of making the rack part of the nexen...

Been cut in 10mm mild steel on the laser at work. Not the best surface, but it's kind of ok... Will try to cut it in 8mm next time, if that works out well, then I'll cut length's in 8mm Domex 650, that ought to hold for quite som time without having to surface treat the material... Otherwise, I'll cut them in Stainless Steel... :-D

Doug_Ford Thu 24 January 2008 15:58

Very impressive Kim. Good luck.

IN-WondeR Thu 24 January 2008 16:23

Thank you Doug, I'm hoping to find the needle bearings I need for the pinion sometime soon, so I can make that also...

Gerald D Thu 24 January 2008 21:09

Kim, your pinion diameter will be very will have very little force to drive the router unless you put lots of gears/belts between the motor and pinion.

IN-WondeR Fri 25 January 2008 03:21


The Pinioon, will have the exact diameter of the real nexen pinion, 47.5mm in diameter... So not so big again. But yes, a belt gear of 3:1 should do the trick, and this was also intended... I'm currently looking into how to build the pinion as it seems needle bearings whis small isn't available anywhere... but I have some ideas around now...

Robert M Fri 25 January 2008 06:12

Hi Kim,
Now with in mind knowing your making your own « laser copy » of the NEXEN system, I find it very interesting. Please keep us posted on your results and findings, it will be interesting to see cost/effectiveness of it as a DIY – laser cut approach. I like that !
Nice approach, keep up the good work !

IN-WondeR Fri 25 January 2008 06:17

Sure Robert... I will be posting more as it progresses during the next few weeks, I should have a working model ready within a month or so... I need to either get some very small needle rollers or some small bearings that will hold a precision hardened dowl in place so it can turn when it runs the rail... But I'll post all that I can for this homemade "nexen" system.

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