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darren salyer Mon 04 June 2012 09:23

I've looked at the ESS documentation and it says that the external power supply terminals are marked positive and negative, but I see no evidence of it.
The best I've determined is that the terminal closest to the mounting hole is the negative terminal, but i'm also unsure of the jumper position needed for external power.
Can you shed any light on the subject?


Surfcnc Mon 04 June 2012 18:05

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Hi Darren

Attachment 13317

I have marked the power plug on my ESS for my own benefit as the markings are on the underside!
Not sure about the external power jumpers but I used it in its as delivered state as it is expecting external power.

Finally the most important jumper on the board is the one next to the external power socket. In its open state as per the pic, it is ready to run.
However to set the ESS IP through the configurator software IT MUST BE CLOSED or the IP you give it will not stick.

If you have not found any configuration guides look here...


darren salyer Mon 04 June 2012 20:38

Thank you Ross,
This all helps tremendously!!

darren salyer Tue 05 June 2012 20:48

Well, I have the pins next to the external power supply shorted, but when I run the configurator, the program stops responding after a few seconds.
Back to the drawing board.

darren salyer Wed 06 June 2012 21:48


Mach3 is controlling the machine, and I'm able to jog the x and y axis at 400 IPM just to test.

Now to complete the Z-slide and decide on a spindle or router.

Been a hectic couple evenings trying to debug everything.

Surfcnc Fri 08 June 2012 20:23

Congratulations Darren

It is always good to see the first movement on the machine.
I have had a few of those "busy nights" too, consider it a rite of passage.
Now your gonna need a Z axis, so onward :)


darren salyer Mon 11 June 2012 09:49

Thanks Ross!!

There was quite a bit of head scratching involved, but all looks good so far.

In researching the router vs. spindle I'm leaning towards a router with a super PID
mainly due to ease of future repairs, as well as local availability if I need to quickly install a new router to finish a project. I can imagine sourcing a backup in a matter of hours if necessary.

I'm leaning towards a Porter Cable PC7518, but I can't find a mount for it.
K2CNC makes one, but they are out of stock.
Any suggestions from anyone regarding a comparable router, or a source for the mount would be appreciated.


danilom Mon 11 June 2012 17:31

If you can stand the noise from router its ok. You can have a spindle and a cheap router in backup.

smreish Mon 11 June 2012 20:00

I used the PC7518 for years on 2 separate CNC tables. My Warthog and the MM with great success. That's 5 plus years on the router. About once a year, I would take it to the local tool shop and have new bearings installed for about 55$ whether it was needed or not. It's loud - but it works really well.

I will say though - I really like the Milwaukee that Nils (Sailfl) uses. It's sewing machine quiet!

darren salyer Mon 11 June 2012 20:24

Not opposed to the Milwaukee....IF I can find a mount.

Regnar Mon 11 June 2012 20:37

I have to say Sean is right about it being quiet.....well until the router bit rips into the wood then you hear the scream of the bit. Much quieter then PorterCable.

K2 use to have it but its no longer on thier website. Infact it seems they are out of almost every router mount.

MetalHead Mon 11 June 2012 22:18

If someone can get me the specs, I can see if I can get one cut or mill one out myself.

darren salyer Tue 12 June 2012 06:48

I would think MM specific mounts would be a good item to offer.
From what I've read, the K2 mounts need modifying to work.
I found the Gcode for a PC mount on CNCzone, but I don't know if my little machine will cut aluminum with a Bosch Colt router. I suspect not.

danilom Tue 12 June 2012 07:27

With a right bit (single flute) you could cut it with ease Darren, like my friend marko did for his router.

domino11 Wed 13 June 2012 13:11

I sent K2CNC an email and they responded with a quote for the Milwaukee mount, so it looks like they will still make it. Not sure why they do not list it on their site anymore. The mods for the mount are very minor and are documented on a few builds here. Really just a little trim is all thats needed. Let me know and I can forward you the quote. :)

darren salyer Wed 13 June 2012 14:29

I read Nils build thread front to back and found no reference to a model # but I'm assuming its the Milwaukee 5625.
Edit: found it in post 30 the second time through it. 5625 it is.
Heath: Sent you an email.

darren salyer Wed 20 June 2012 07:29

. . . . . I have the K2CNC mount and the router should be here this Friday.
Now, if only my wife will let me retire to the shop for the weekend......

domino11 Wed 20 June 2012 08:09

So how do you like the K2CNC mount Darren? Glad that worked out for you. Have a look around for the mod that needs to be done on that mount. There was a few pics of what had to be done on one of the build threads.

darren salyer Wed 20 June 2012 22:19

Sadly, I've only unpackaged it, since the router won't be here til the weekend, and thats my prime MM time.
It does look to be very well made.
I'm getting overly anxious to make dust.

smreish Fri 22 June 2012 06:06

If your not aware, you may have to lay the K2CNC mount on it's back on a table saw and nip small 45 degree chamfers on the rear of the mount to clear the Vee Rollers on the Z-slide. It only takes a few minutes for the slight modification if needed.

darren salyer Fri 22 June 2012 06:44

I found the thread discussing the chamfers, thanks for the heads up.
A bigger problem is that stupid me can't find 4 of my eccentric bushings for the v rollers.
They seem to have walked off.
Guess I'll be calling Rick this morning and ordering 4 more.
So much for a productive weekend....

bradm Fri 22 June 2012 10:47

Are those missing bushings on the rail cutting skate?

Gerald D Fri 22 June 2012 11:10

Brad, that is excellent reasoning! Or, the voice of experience :)

bradm Fri 22 June 2012 15:03

Definitely the latter. I spent an evening scratching my head while the missing bushings were clearly visible, and within 4 meters of me the entire time.

darren salyer Fri 22 June 2012 15:58

Can I hang my head in shame now?
Thats EXACTLY what happened.
I left the skate assembled to grind the z plate, and forgot they were on there.
On a happy note, tearing the shop apart looking for them allowed me to get some straightening up done.

BTW, router is now here, and it is nice.

smreish Fri 22 June 2012 16:01

LOL....I am sure no one here will admit it, but we have ALL done it. left the Skate assembled and forgot about them.

David Bryant Fri 22 June 2012 20:01

Danilo can you give more details about the bit and speeds used on that Al plate please. Was it cut dry or with cooling?

danilom Sat 23 June 2012 02:50

It was sprayed with WD40 a bit during the cut. Bit used is a 7mm single flute here it is in the picture. Router has been set on a 5 out of 7 speed (around 20k but a lot less as it looses torque and speed while cutting). Feedrate around 1.2m/min or 50ipm

David Bryant Sat 23 June 2012 03:07

Thanks Danilo

KenC Sat 23 June 2012 03:42

don't feed too deep. anything less than 1mm is ok.
Added caution, listen to the router, you don't want it to stall during cutting.

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