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servant74 Mon 20 July 2015 12:04

Darren ... No, I don't he also sells several at various powers up to 20W, but that is WAY out of my toy budget. I love the plasma cut BTW.

At one time I saw a 'drill add on' for a shopbot. It was just a little drill used to do 5mm holes (or whatever) basically to help make building flat pack shelving quicker. I thought that mounting a laser the same way on the same head as a spindle would be a great way to use it. I guess that is pretty much what the 'laser foot' guy did, but that was on a separate dust collection style foot. I do understand that so the laser 'smoke' could be treated and not just run through the chip/dust collector.

darren salyer Mon 20 July 2015 14:41

Yeah, outta my toy budget too.
Even though I've almost sold my cabinet shop off piece by piece...
Maybe after I'm set up in a new, smaller shop...

servant74 Mon 20 July 2015 15:28

Since I have no bidness need, all my stuff is toy. With any kind of a 'real bidness' (aka, positive cash flow) I could see where a spot drill and/or laser (for basically laser stamping parts) could be valuable and save other machine or people time elsewhere in the shop. For me, I would just love the neat toy.

darren salyer Thu 06 August 2015 11:18

A "little" cutout I did a couple days ago.

IMMark Thu 06 August 2015 11:21

Very nice work Darren, what is the material?

darren salyer Thu 06 August 2015 14:58

Thanks, Mark 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood.
Heres another recent one. Same material

sailfl Thu 06 August 2015 16:16

Darren, they look good.

darren salyer Thu 06 August 2015 17:15

Thank you Nils. These are a lot of fun to do.

darren salyer Thu 06 August 2015 21:23

Friend of mine has a company that stamps decorative concrete patios.
I v carved his company name into a scrap of Corian and poured Hobby Lobby rubber mold material into it to make a flexible stamp he can emboss each patio with, as Company branding. The border is about 3.5" x 7", for reference.

sailfl Fri 07 August 2015 03:45


If you decided you want to do more molds, look at this website.

Gerald D Fri 07 August 2015 04:30

Another one-stop moulding shop (represented out here by

bradm Fri 07 August 2015 07:43

Those two are the same; Reynolds Advanced Materials provides the Smooth-On line of products. I don't know if that's from a past acquisition or not.

darren salyer Fri 07 August 2015 12:45

Thanks for the input, guys.
I went to Hobby Lobby this time, because it was convenient, and I had a 24 hr. deadline before he had a huge job to stamp.
He was MORE than happy to pay the $20 US for the material to meet the deadline.
I'd definitely look for a cheaper source if I were to do very many.

darren salyer Thu 20 August 2015 06:57

Have a friend of mine doing cleanup work on the monogram font...its definitely getting closer. A little more work on a couple of the interior curves, and this letter will be good to go. What a labor intensive job.

lonestaral Thu 20 August 2015 07:17

That looks the B uisness.
What material ?

What diameter cutters ? or was it a scroll/fretsaw attachment for #101 ?

pblackburn Thu 20 August 2015 08:22

If someone is used to looking at vectors, they would pick it up but for most people it looks good as is.

darren salyer Thu 20 August 2015 17:47

1/2" Baltic birch plywood.
.125" downspiral 2 flute bit.

bradyaero Tue 22 September 2015 14:08

now that is really awesome, has anyone tried a laser on their MM yet?

silverdog Tue 22 September 2015 16:49

Lasers are very light as they don't have any force on the tool,the Mechmate would not be competitive against them. And lasers machine (co2 100watts) are very cheap compared to Mill machines ...

Tokamak Tue 22 September 2015 17:14

Like this?

bradyaero Wed 23 September 2015 19:32

wow, awesome, I'm going to have to try this, thanks for the info!


pblackburn Sun 17 April 2016 14:08

Hey Darren, how have you been?

darren salyer Sun 17 April 2016 16:39

About the same, Pete. Been doing a few things, but nothing real earth shattering.

Robert M Thu 21 April 2016 13:51

I'd say....we're pretty much all riding in the same boat... :rolleyes:

lonestaral Thu 21 April 2016 20:30

Hope you are not up the creek without oars.

Robert M Thu 21 April 2016 20:41 my book ( and neck of the woods)
it's called...assume your act, be responsible....even if you're pushing your limits :p

Gd_Maitre Fri 22 April 2016 04:11

Coool ...

pblackburn Sun 10 July 2016 16:30

How is everything now Darren?

darren salyer Wed 13 July 2016 15:25

Hey Pete.
Haven't checked in in a few days.
Doing a little better. Totally out of the Remodeling game now. REmoving that stress was definitely nice, but I miss the fun stuff and the money.
Too poor to call myself retired, but doing enough with the CNC to keep the bills paid.
Nothing earth shattering, unfortunately.
How's tricks in your neck of the woods?

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