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ricdu34 Tue 20 March 2018 12:32

Coming Toether - Gabian, France
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I received the steel and I already cut the longitudinal bar 1010320 because it is difficult to handle the whole bar in my garage.
It is 200mm and not 180 because the weight did not correspond to specifications but I do not think this is a problem.
Some pictures where you can see the bars that I received.
I will also use the square bar with a wing to do the feet, next to this bar other bars in 50/25/3 for 1010314 and 1010316.
I also have ipn in 80/50 for the support of the martyr.
I try to use what I have, less expenses and it also makes more room in my garage.

j' ai reçu l' acier et j' ai déja coupé la barre longitudinalle 1010320 car bien difficile à manier entière dans le garage.
Elle fait 200mm et non 180 car le poids ne correspondait pas aux spécifications mais je ne pense pas que cela soit un problème.
Quelques photos où l' on voit les barres que j' ai reçues.
Je vais aussi utiliser la barre carrée avec une aile pour faire les pieds, à côté d'elle des barres en 50/25/3 pour 1010314 et 1010316.
j'ai aussi des ipn en 80/50 pour le support du martyre.
j'essaie d'utiliser ce que j'ai, moins de dépenses et ça vide un peu le garage.

IamDave Tue 20 March 2018 16:15

Getting started is the hardest part, I think. Good Luck.

ricdu34 Mon 02 April 2018 02:19

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Well, I have already made progress.
Some pictures.

Bon,j' ai déja avançé.
Quelques photos.

MetalHead Mon 02 April 2018 04:14

Looking good! Welcome!

YANLM Mon 02 April 2018 10:15


ricdu34 Mon 09 April 2018 12:02

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just a photo but no real progress because I damaged my eyes with a poorly adjusted welding mask.
I took the opportunity to start tidying up the garage and the sheepfold or will go the things of the garage to prepare the final location of the machine.
I also prepared the feet with the turntables that will receive the removable sleepers.
there is some chip like we can see in the green shovel.

I also tried to find the kit of pieces laser but very reactive for the English seller (3 mails to get an answer or one does not answer all my questions and a month of delay for sending.
No reply from seller in macedonia, no response from seller in portugal, no response from seller in Italy .....
I sent a mail to metalhead to know if he could provide me the files dxf but he did not answer me any more.
I am of course ready to make a donation on the site for this, each one his bizzness, no problem.
Otherwise I will order in uk but it may put me late.

after a lot of research I found the best price in France for gables and cogs here:

juste une photo mais pas de réel progrès car je me suis abimé les yeux avec un masque de soudure mal réglé.
J' en ai profité pour commencer a ranger le garage et la bergerie ou vont aller les choses du garage afin de préparer l' emplacement définitif de la machine.
J ' ai aussi préparé les pieds avec les platines qui recevront les traverses démontables.
il y a du copeau comme l'on peux voir dans la pelle verte.

J ' ai aussi cherché a trouver le kit de pieces laser mais tres peu réactif pour le vendeur anglais(3 mails afin d ' obtenir une réponse ou l' on ne réponds pas a toutes mes questions et un mois de délai pour l' envoie.
Pas de réponse du vendeur en macédoine,pas de réponse du vendeur au portugal;pas de réponse du vendeur en Italie.....
J' ai envoyé un mail a metalhead pour savoir si il pouvais me fournir les fichiers dxf mais il ne m' a pas plus répondu.
Je suis bien entendu pret a faire un don sur le site pour cela, chacun son bizzness,pas de probléme.
Sinon je commanderai au uk mais cela risque de me mettre en retard.

apres pas mal de recherche j' ai trouvé le meilleur prix en France pour les pignons et crémailléres ici:

IamDave Wed 11 April 2018 15:40

AYe! Yye My Eyes. Nice cold, fresh sliced potatoes on the eyes does wonders.
I had that happen a long time ago, holding for a welder, watching the pretty little blue light reflect off the metal in a grain bin elevator.

ricdu34 Mon 16 April 2018 01:07

thank you for the patatoes method;)

ricdu34 Thu 19 April 2018 02:57

Hello everyone.
Work on the chassis continues but I can not weld every day because my eyes react badly.
Yesterday I did an estimate for the laser cutting of parts.
I had an interesting quote but the workshop manager reminded me to tell me that their bent machine could not make some bend of the pieces 10 20 420 and 10 40 432
So I went to see another company in my area that makes hydraulic works 40 meters long by millimeter.
he has told me that he can not bend in a sufficiently precise manner these bend also.
He told me that we needed an apron bender and that there was not much left over.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

bonjour a tous.
Le travail sur le chassis continu mais je ne peux souder chaque jour car mes yeux réagissent mal.
hier j' ais fait faire un devis pour la découpe laser des piéces.
J' ai eu un devis intéressant mais le responsable d' atelier m' a rappellé pour me dire que leur plieuse ne pouvait faire certains plis des pieces 10 20 420 et10 40 432
J' ai donc eté voir une autre entreprise de ma région qui réalise des ouvrages hydrauliques de 40 metres de long au millimetre.
celui ci m' a dit qu ' il ne saurait plier d' une façon suffisament précise ces plis egalement.
Il m' a dit qu' il fallait une plieuse a tablier et qu' il n' y en avais plus beaucoup d' existante.
Quelqu' un peut 'il me dire comment résoudre ce probléme?

ricdu34 Tue 24 April 2018 10:14

2 Attachment(s)
here is where I am.
Tomorrow dismantling.

voila ou j' en suis.
Demain démontage.

IamDave Tue 24 April 2018 17:35

That is a good strong, table design you have. Were you able to find your Y-Car parts?

ricdu34 Fri 27 April 2018 03:55

sorry Dave for that delay.
Yes ,i think in 10 days i have one parts kit:)

I want to buy this motors kit.

I am not sure that steepers are the best.
There is 4 power supply, is it good or i have to change the power supply mode?

What do you think about bob with the kit.

The price is very atractive and it' s in germany,no taxes.

ricdu34 Fri 27 April 2018 04:17

for the v grove rollers?
With metal or caoutchouc cover?

IamDave Fri 27 April 2018 06:39

I think you should try and get the Oriental Geared stepper motors, or you will have to build reduction gears for your setup. I used ungeared motors, it moves it around okay, but I can already see future problems. I will be building reduction gears. In the long run it will save you money.
I think the metal rollers are best. I have never seen plastic rollers on the shopbots or ez-routers. I have seen plastic rollers on, stainless steel tracks at the food processing plants here.

Try and find close to this power supply.

ricdu34 Fri 27 April 2018 09:03

there are also the same but more powerful engines:

or g: lpoAAOSwDMhZtkyw

I think to put a reduction box indeed.
for power supply, that 's what it seemed to me to understand, thank you

il y a aussi les memes moteurs mais plus puissants:

ou bien

Je pense mettre une boite de réduction en effet.
pour l' alimentation,c ' est bien ce qu ' il m' avait semblé comprendre,merci

ifffff Sat 28 April 2018 02:09

Power supplys what are on stepper kits are okay. No need to interchange them. But if your budget allows go for closed loop steppers.
I wont suggest steppers with built in gear reduction. They have backlash, and that backlash wont go over time smaller.
878 oz/in steppers with 1:4 belt reduction are OK. Directly they give quite poor results. Look at first pages of my thread.
My opinion is, that breakoutboard should be fully optoisolated, and optoisolators must be changeable. For example - you get static electricity spike from your leaking dust hose, and you are changing on breakoutboard optoisolator chip, not whole breakoutboard, or even PC.

ricdu34 Sat 28 April 2018 05:55

thank you ,ivo

danilom Sat 28 April 2018 13:44

You dont have to optioisolate step/dir outputs because there are optocouplers inside stepper drives , best cheap board is the one with one relay, 0-10v analog spindle rpm output, 12-24Vdc supply and 5 optocoupler inputs , only buy the green one , blue ones have flawed components and dont work.
Avoid using board that comes with motor kits, optocouplers used for outputs are slow and will degrade your step/dir performance

878oz/in motors you linked are only 2Amps because of high inductance 15mH, which is not a good thing for high rpm application . go for the 1090 or 1232oz/in 5.6Amp motors with 4.1 - 5.5mH inductance for best performance . And build a belt reduction, its very easy to bolt them to existing motor plates.

ricdu34 Sun 29 April 2018 04:08

I think buy this kit because it seems to match: 1232, 5.6 amp, 5.5 inductance and closed loop.
if the Bob is not suitable, I will sell it on the French market but suddenly I do not know what is the best choice for the bob.

je pense acheter ce kit car il semble correspondre:1232 ,5.6 amp,inductence 5.5 et boucle fermée.
si la Bob ne convient pas,je la revendrai sur le marché Français mais du coup je ne sais pas quel est le meilleur choix pour la bob.

ricdu34 Sun 29 April 2018 04:08

I think buy this kit because it seems to match: 1232, 506 amp, 5.5 inductance and closed loop.
if the Bob is not suitable, I will sell it on the French market but suddenly I do not know what is the best choice for the bob.

IamDave Sun 29 April 2018 13:15

Check this China site out eric.
PMDX-126 with Gecko 203v drivers.

I used the PMDX-134 Motherboard. But you do not have to.

ifffff Sun 29 April 2018 23:43

I am using for motion controller smoothstepper+ optoisolated breakoutboard from CNC4PC
As you see, different options is many, and there is no answer what is best.

danilom Tue 01 May 2018 18:53

Like I said "best cheap board" and it gets the job done using Mach3 and LPT port, just suggested to avoid the slow board with EL817 optos on all pins

I personally use Linuxcnc with 7i76e for step/dir and it uses differential outputs

ricdu34 Wed 02 May 2018 01:09

thank you.
I will go tomorrow to the fablab or I will get help for the electronic part of the machine.
I would see with them.

merci a vous.
Je vais aller demain au fablab ou je vais me faire aider pour la partie electronique de la machine.
Je verrait avec eux.

silverdog Tue 08 May 2018 03:31

An economic but effective breakout board (I think Danilo was talking about it) from england ... or from china: I personally used them and they work fine. I wouldn't use the parallel port bur an ethernet controller like UC400eth or UC300Rth or smoothstepper ethernet. All those board are much faster and you can use any PC. They are all Mach3 compatible, the UCxxx also have an excellent proprietary software much cheeper than Mach3 (and maybe better)

silverdog Tue 08 May 2018 03:40

Motor inductance is a key factor, it should be as low as possible. I would never buy a motor with more than 6mh inductance. High inductance inhibit fast accellerations and speed. Planetary gearboxes work very well (some have a little backlash, some not) they increase the footprint although, the belt and pulley is great but more work to do ....

silverdog Tue 08 May 2018 03:56

inverter power supply are ok, better a single bigger one than one for each motor ... but a simple transformer rectifier and condenser is better than the above. Stepper drivers, those kits have the dm860a, a medium quality driver, they do the job. Geckos are better but very expensive in europe. Leadshine digital drivers are also on the top quality side

ricdu34 Tue 15 May 2018 07:21

thank you all for all this information that has only made me confuse a little more.for geckos in europe: .c10 # viTabs_0
The leadshine drivers:
It is sure that the price is not the same but not huge either.
waiting for the kit of pieces, it does not move too much right now.

ricdu34 Mon 02 July 2018 01:00

I was 3 months to finish but it will apparently more than that.
I have just received the kit of piece with a lot of waiting but a good price in Spain.
I'm going to start cutting the corniéres but I have to solder bits at each end because they are too short for the cart (x + 600 + a extra 360) and I have not seen these 360 on the map.
On the other hand, I do not find the reference bearings for the cart on the plans.
If anyone can tell me, thank you.

je m' etais fixé 3 mois pour finir mais cela sera apparement plus que cela.
Je vient de recevoir le kit de piece avec beaucoup d' attente mais un bon prix en Espagne.
Je vais commencer a couper les corniéres mais je dois souder des morceaux a chaque bouts car il sont trop court pour le chariot.(x+600+ a extra 360)et j' avais pas vu ces 360 sur le plan.
D' autre part,je ne trouve pas la reference des roulements pour le chariot sur les plans.
Si quelqu' un peux me l' indiquer,merci.

YANLM Tue 03 July 2018 20:13

hello. take a look at the first thread in
》Common Assemblies & Parts》 RAIL AND ROLLERS.

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