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Oliver Verdier Sat 05 January 2019 13:02

Olivier Verdier, future CNC builder in France
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Hi World, and world of makers :D

My name is Olivier Verdier, and I'm a French carpenter and cabinet maker.
I've been doing this for years now and wish to move to the CNC world.

I also run a (quite successful) Youtube channel about my job, with various films about making furniture or cabinets, tool advice, the usual lot.
I've subtitled myself some of the most interesting films in English.
Check it out : (please subscribe :) )

My mother is British, and I'm quite fluent in English.

My dreamt CNC is a router, quite close to Frank Howarth's or Wintergatan's, and I asked for a quote from CNC Router Parts for a 48"96" machine, fully loaded and delivered in France : 13000$ (Excl VAT)
Quite a price tag, a bit steep for me unless I convince them to start a Youtube partnership... ;)

My other option is to build one, and it is the reason of my message here.

I have plenty of space in my workshop to build a quite large machine (1200x 2500mm) with a 250mm z axis clearance.
I can also take the benefit from having a 600 mm step on my floor to have the x axis overhanging, leaving clearance for tall projects (see pic)

I havent yet studied the MechMate plans or solutions, bur before discovering this site I was thinking of :

- A massive plywood chassis (ladder type) 2500 x 1200 x 250 (I have a really cheap source here) and the equipment/ability to make something dead flat and sturdy or an extruded aluminium base (t slots and fasteners)
- profile rail guides for XYZ
- Ball screws FOR XYZ
- Nema 34 stepper motors
- Custom made controller and power supply (if I don't get too worried about getting out of my comfort zone !!)
- 2->3kw spindle

I already have a centralized dust collection, and I can easily modify it for the CNC

My wish is to have a fast and sturdy machine, and I will be happy with a 0,20 mm precision

Here is for my presentation I shall be gathering plans and advice on this site shortly to grow my project


danilom Sat 05 January 2019 15:01

For a first time build I would skip profile rails for X and Y , on such large construction there are really tight tolerances for mounting them and you will need a lot of patience and tools to mount them right.
also large cnc router ballscrew for X an Y with steppers are a bit awkward . Expensive ballscrews at least 10mm pitch and 25mm diameter on one side and cheap steppers on other. You will also need lots of custom parts because you will want rotating ballnut design for this length ballscrew.

This site is for Mechmate builders. Hundreds build a MechMate with success and started their business or hobby. Because its proven and easy design to build.
So my advice is either build a MechMate or order Cnc router parts or some very nice and cheap router from China. 2000 x 4000 router with linear rails and helical rack is about 7500 usd from China plus shipping and customs.

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