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beckj Sun 16 October 2011 20:44

Gecko 203v - Blown fuse
I have a Mechmate tabletop project in progress and encountered this problem last night. Below are the steps I took to determine that the Gecko 203V had blown fuse(s).

Problem: No power on the Gecko 203V drivers, motors not turning

Last event before no power condition. I was upgrading the power supply DC voltage wires that provide DC volts to the PDMX-133.

Cross ( positive to negative and negative to positive)/reversed wired the power supply 50VDC output that supply's the power to the PDMX-126 and the PDMX-133 where the drivers are located

Trouble shooting:
1. Did not hear or feel the motors energize.
2. Checked the power good LED on PDMx-133 - no power/not energized
* Power Down all devices..
3. Power supply DC output wires were removed and then checked for correct polarity of the power supply DC output - Bingo!! cross or reversed -wired
4. Corrected the reversed condition: applied power-started up Mach3-loaded GCode, launched -no movement on motors.
5. Double check PDMX-126 for power good- it was OK
6. Check Steps LED on the PDMX-126 - active
7. PDMX-126: J2, J3, J4 all had activity on the LED's

8. Suspected J19 -alternate Ribbon connector for Step & Direction outputs to motor Drivers.
9. Changed out ribbon cable - applied power-started up Mach3-loaded GCode, launched -no movement on motors.

10. With no power applied to control circuits: Removed all ribbon cables, DC power supply wires to the PDMx-133, removed Gecko 203v driver(s)

11. Applied power supply output DC voltage to (power ground and 18-80 VDC) pins: checked the pow/err led for activity - None.

12. Check Fuse:

A. Power everything down. Removed all DC suppl wiring to the Gecko 203v, remove 2 case screws, locate green fuse(looks like a unmarked resistor in a vertical position), *Note: Fuse looks like it is soldered, but it isn't*, take a needle nose plier and clamp on the longest leg the of fuse and gently rock fuse while applying upward pressure to remove it.

B. Check for continuity.

Take your DVM set it to continuity, touch both probes together and make sure you have continuity on DVM.

Apply 1 test probe to each leg of the fuse, listen or read your DVM for continuity..

If you have no continuity your fuse is blown and needs to be replaced.

Below is the fuse part number and a link to the trouble shooting chart for the Gecko 203v drive:

Mouser #: 576-0251005.MXL
Mfr. #: 0251005.MXL
Desc.: Fuses 125V 5A

WTI Fri 21 October 2011 12:52

Nice guide to your trouble shooting logic.

Glad it was an easy fix!

Kornerking Tue 12 December 2017 09:22

Sure wish I had seen this yesterday before I ordered a new gecko. Yup fuse is blown on the gecko.
Ordered 5 from Digikey just now. 70 cents apiece and they are only a hundred miles away. I might have them tomorrow via Fedex.

MetalHead Fri 15 December 2017 09:27

Yup - a lot of data buried in this forum for sure!!

smreish Sat 23 December 2017 10:12

Pete - glad to see you have it resolved. I haven't logged in a long while. Merry Christmas!

Kornerking Sun 24 December 2017 09:05

Merry Christmas to you as well Sean.
And all the rest of you lovely people.

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