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Diplocaulus Thu 20 December 2018 10:01

Has anyone hardened their own McMaster Carr Spur Gears?
I'm looking online and find a couple options for hardening the McMaster 20t spur gears in 1020 steel. Item #5172t12. The instructions I've found either require precision furnaces or they're vague to the point of being kind of useless. Has anyone been through this process or know of a way to impart some hardness to the gears without going through all the technical specifics? Can I just heat to past magnetic and quench in canola and temper back down, or will this particular steel not react well to that process?

Castone Mon 25 March 2019 11:21

pinion Gears
I would not want to harden them, it will wear out your rack sooner. I have gone through 1 set in 10 years rack still looks good.

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