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Kobus_Joubert Sun 27 June 2010 05:13

CNC IMPORT South Africa
Hi there fellow MechMaters ( in Africa ) I have decided to set up shop and after long negotiations with my pushy :D Chinese friend Tiger and our friendly Customs people, decided to become an agent for the UI Robot stepper drivers that I have running on my MechMate. I also plan to add more and more CNC related equipment as time goes by. For now only the stepper drivers will be available.:(...but Rome was not build in one day. I am into negotiations with other parties but have nothing finalised as yet.

Please check out my very PLAIN and SIMPLE website that I managed to get up this weekend. Any comments, suggestions and critisism will be welcomed.

Thank's from Kobus, old Big Blue Brakpan

KenC Sun 27 June 2010 05:42

Congratulation on your new venture.

Wish you a prosperous journey!

Robert M Sun 27 June 2010 06:37

Best of luck with this new venture….
A little suggestion for your next website update / work schedule
Make sure your links open another tab/window when one clicks on it. At this time, when one click on your links, we lose your page and give only the new link open.
From a web & marketing stand point, a link should only open a new tab/ window, not replace yours !

May it bring you additional revenues, amicalement, Robert ;)

Kobus_Joubert Sun 27 June 2010 06:57

The program I use to do this is called COOL PAGE. This I bought about 10 years ago when I was living in Holland. I don't think it can do it Robert and that is why I put a HOME button on each page and every button is active to take you to any page of the main menu. (apart from the INFO button that does not have a page yet.)

Lex Sun 27 June 2010 09:08

Geluk en voorspoed!

Kobus_Joubert Sun 27 June 2010 11:36

Thanks for the people that gave some feedback. Who else have difficulty in reading the text and have to scroll left to right ? On my screen I have the full page in one go.

Any comments appreciated as English is not my first language and I know there will be mistakes.

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