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dbinokc Sat 25 July 2020 11:30

Cheap 1500W Fiber Lasers on Ebay
I recently noticed some $1000 1500W fiber lasers heads for sale on ebay recently. It is just the head and does not include the power supply. I am curious if anyone has investigated what it would take to get one running.
It does not include a power supply, so at a minimum that would be needed. I am sure what else would be required.

danilom Wed 29 July 2020 14:24

I installed couple of fiber laser systems, not knowing what have you seen the head is least of expense, the source and fiber with connector to the head is much more. Also Head can be with autofocus or without, for enhanced piercing. That needs dedicated control that also has capacitive control of head height. After that you need a large chiller to cool down the laser source, much smaller than co2 but still very much needed.

To control the system at cutting speeds above 5m/min and rapids above 60m/min you need a fast system dedicated for laser cutting. Cypcut does the job.

dbinokc Wed 29 July 2020 14:38

An example of one the one I saw on ebay is at

It looks like the head should be able to mount directly on the z-axis.

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