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xraydude Sat 06 June 2020 05:33

1/8" end mill suggestions
Hello, all. I am looking for a decent end mill in the 3mm to 4mm diameter range. 1/8" is fine, too. Needs to have a CEL of at least 22mm. Metric or Imperial shank. 2 flute upcut would be preferred, but as long as it can work 22mm hardwoods at reasonably fast feed I'll try anything. I'm nesting parts in some fairly expensive woods, and it is killing me to use my standard 1/4" mills since I could nest a little tighter and squeak out a few more with a smaller mill.


Andrew_standen Sun 19 July 2020 04:00

Depending on thick the timber is I use 2 flute fish tail cutters, I buy from Poland but they are made in the USA. 3mm dia on 3.0mm shank 25mm doc.
Take it easy, I cut Black walnut 1mm pass, 20mm thick, result is almost polished.
I use the 1/16" cutters on 16mm plywood with great results.
Just got to take the depth of cut easy.
Also sold by
33 3,00 25,00 38,00 3,00 F-30-0103-30-XL

kind regards

WFY Sun 19 July 2020 04:22

Router bits
Here is a link to a US company.
We have been using their 5mm compression bits and they good for about 36-38 sheets of 5/8" melamine cabinet parts.

xraydude Wed 22 July 2020 16:36

Thanks for the suggestions guys!


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