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Hans Wed 16 December 2009 17:27

It Aint Finished Yet -The Netherlands
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Years ago I wanted a Shopbot - So now I'll make a Mechmate.

Parts are arriving in The Netherlands - everyday new boxes . . .

PMDX-125 + 107 + 4x 203V
4x PK296AE - SG7,2
Proximity switches + relais + cables
3M VHB tape
BX3 and GW3X
Bearings for grinding jig
2,2KW watercooled spindle + VFD
A lot of electric parts - contractor, relais, e-stop, safety switch for VFD, cable chain, 3 & 4 core cable (all from RS-components) etc.
Vcarve + Cut3D + PhotoCarve
New Mig Inverter 50-250A
Grinding disks
etc. etc.
Boxes are still arriving form all over the world

Lazercut parts pick up next week - € 290
Modula 1 rails and 36 tooth wheels are orderd.

Auto Tool Changer from Blurry Customs . . very very interesting - on my list for 2010

Only a few parts need to be sorted out and orderd:
7 core cable, bold & nuts, paint, control box, steel for frame, . . and a few electro parts I missed :eek:
Il'll order the steel for the frame and welding lessons :rolleyes: tomorrow.

The most difficult decission was the cutting size.
Next to my own business I want to offer CNC services. So in order to get a competative edge I'll go for 325 x 207cm.

I studied the plans. I'll go for a 12V E-stop circuit. Not 230V. And will put a 3 pole swtich between the VFD and the Spindle for safety reasons.
But still need to understand the function/schematic of the 3/4 buttons on the gantry. How to programm Mach3 for my motors, Zero-plate etc.
Design a vacuum system . . .

So its time to start the Mechmate construction. Kitchen project first!!
And in the same time contact potential customers for my CNC service - design a flyer/brochure to mail in january . .

I'll report my progress (soon I hope).


That 2010 may be a good Mechmate year

Robert M Wed 16 December 2009 18:43

Way the GO HANS :D

Good luck and hope your build / progress goes smoothly !!

ONE thing friend, hope your wife ( or mistress :rolleyes: ) like to…. well.... get electrify when you smoooch on the this love seat-sofa :D
Be careful not to press the E-stop button while….well….you know :eek: :eek:
Amicalement, Robert ;) :D

Hans Wed 16 December 2009 18:53


I am eh . . a happy Single!! :D
2 sons (7 & 11) and a ex.....
Nobody bosses me arround (anymore) - I do what I want and spend my money on what I like :p

So for the time being the "love-seat" stays coverd with . . . parts.
Until I move them to the workshop.


sailfl Sat 19 December 2009 06:37


The three buttons are E-Stop, Pause and Restart.

We will help you with Mach setup. It is easy.

Hans Mon 01 November 2010 17:12

It has been to quiet for a long time.
Updated my location on Google maps.

The Mechmate story continues very shortly - orderd the avenger spindle last friday. It seems I have order nr 1.
The last parts - steel and V-rails are on order . . .
Kitchen project starts this week.

December will be building time - at last.


MetalHead Mon 01 November 2010 19:55

Welcome back !!!

KenC Mon 01 November 2010 21:54

Rather late then never!
Welcome back!

rischoof Mon 08 November 2010 09:52

Succes hans met je nieuwe start

Hans Mon 08 November 2010 17:55

Originally Posted by rischoof View Post
Succes hans met je nieuwe start
Hoi Rik,
Hartelijk dank - het werd tijd . . . .

Ik ben jaloers op je BOB.
Die ziet er heel professioneel uit. Ik zou hem te koop aanbieden in dit forum.
Ben van origine electronicus/informaticus maar dat was heeeel lang geleden.
Je post van de bouw van jou mechmate volg ik met interesse.
Voorzicht met vlammetjes. . . . :eek:

Hi Rik,
Thank you - it was time . .

I am jealous of your BOB. bla bla bla.
Be carefull with flames. . . .

rischoof Wed 10 November 2010 07:52

I will do it in english so the other exept the south african, belgian and some duchts can follow.

I am making the z axis or I can better say, make the plan for outsourcing tomorrow morning in the ching cheng street. every mechmate builder should have such a street.
I also doing the wiring at this moment.
We had a broken current line last week. The broken (head) line was touching the fence from the naburs and causes current dips and peaks. A lot of transformers didn't survive also not my computer i figured out when I wanted to look for some idees for the toolhead on the forum. my wifes laptop survived

Hans Sun 23 October 2011 08:57

Welding started - at last - and a Question?
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At last some progress . .
Where shall I put the MM in a full workshop
Table Size: X=3050
Y = 1530 + 180mm for the Avenger ATC toolholders
Started to weld the table feet and do some measurements

I'll use V-cap Rails and mount them on a steel version of the V-Cap X-rail support 10.10.220/247
In 10 10 300 DA the Y-rail Clamp strip +11mm (10 20 235) is used to set the distance between the X Rails. In my case 2171mm.

What is the correct way?
Attached picture 10 10 300-1 or 10 10 300 V-Cap rail?

In picture 10 10 300-1 the distance M = 25mm.
In picture 10 10 300 V-Cap rail the distance M = 31mm - 6mm more than in the plans. If this is the correct way than my cross bearers 10 10 302 are 12mm to short . . . :eek:


Gerald D Sun 23 October 2011 21:01

Hans, I havn't got a set of drawings, so I can't check for the correct millimeters. But some comments:

The drawings were mostly done, and checked, for construction with steel rails with a "sharpened" top.

When you use a "V-Cap", it means that rollers must be set a bit narrower because the "sharp points" are narrower. (add more/thicker washers behind the rollers)

No other dimensions should change. The really important distance is to the outside of the gear racks, or to the outside of the steel rails. The gantry must fit over the steel with only a small space. If the space is too big, then the gear pinion comes off the motor shaft.

I hope this helps you understand what is happening there.

rischoof Mon 24 October 2011 07:14

m distance
I checked my one and the drawings, try to keep distance M 25 millimeter. If you keep 31 mm your rail is coming more to the outer side of the c channel. You have to bold the rail to the C channel, if you keep the distance 31 mm you holes are coming closer to the radius in you c channel. drilling and taping holes in the radius is harder. I think you can still weld the cross bearers to the C channel without any problem with the length you have. I use bolds to fix the cross bearers to the c channel instead of welding.

I first fixed my y cart, measured the distance between the v grooves of the v wheels, and then set the distance of the v rail

a full workshop????? but it is a nice workshop

succes ermee

Hans Sat 29 October 2011 15:59

Sparks are flying - frame nearly ready
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Update -
Frame is welded, 90% finished, just want to add 4 corner brace assembly to ensure it stays square when turned over.

Gantry drilling & welding is next.


Hans Fri 04 November 2011 12:19

Table on its feet
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The table is on its feet now.
It was not square so I used a long pipeclamp to get it perfect.

Discovered that the top surface of the beams are not flat/90°
So I will use shims and a metal filler (rock solid after it dries) to get the V-cap rails in the right angle.

The rails beams are being drilled by an other beast . .

Gantry is next.


Hans Wed 11 February 2015 04:49

Mechamate For Sale
Due to circumstances I have to sell my unfinished Mechmate
99% of all parts available - only Z Axis spring/gasstrud is missing
I can mail the parts list if interested

please send private mail

The Netherlands

IMMark Wed 11 February 2015 05:37

Sorry to hear Hans, best of luck to you!

Hans Mon 11 January 2016 14:29

2 Attachment(s)
Need some help.
Can anybody explain what is happening?
Cutting strait along X is fine but it seems the bit schift with every pass in the Y direction.
see pictures.


Tom Ayres Mon 11 January 2016 15:14

What software are you using? I had something similar happen while cutting a 3d file and found by changing-up the tool path configuration by a little fixed the problem. I was using Vectric Aspire 4.0 at the time but since have upgraded.

Hans Mon 11 January 2016 15:18

I use Mach 3 and Aspire 8.

Tom Ayres Mon 11 January 2016 15:19

Hans, after looking back on your thread I noticed you are cutting something, does that mean that you did not sell your MM? If not, you should post a video of it operating along with the Mechmate logo to get your serial number.

Hans Mon 11 January 2016 15:22

It aint finised yet . . .

Tom Ayres Mon 11 January 2016 15:22

You might try changing the tool path a little first. It looks like you're close though!

Hans Mon 11 January 2016 15:26

what do yo mean with changing the toolpath?
it used to cut ok with an other file.
but today . . . it went wrong

Tom Ayres Mon 11 January 2016 15:39

Same thing happened to me, cut fine then went wrong. Just change one thing or maybe two, feed rate, spindle speed, anything. Recalculate and save. The file may be corrupted. If that doesn't work then lets take a closer look at other aspects. I also noticed that if you load mach3 and turn on the mm at the same time you will have errors. Turn one on, wait, then turn on the other. That is usually the cause for any unusual activity (at least for me)

Hans Mon 11 January 2016 15:44

Ok, I'll go and change things and give it a try
this time I'll start by use some scrap wood

ErwinL Mon 11 January 2016 17:09

Thought your machine was long sold. I've been thinking about building a MechMate as well in the Netherlands, might happen in the future. I will be following this tread! I hope you can figure out the problem.

Alan_c Tue 12 January 2016 02:32

Check your pinions where they attach to the motor/gearbox, its probably the pinions on the X-axis.

danilom Wed 13 January 2016 02:46

IF you are using your smoothstepper then its a faulty drive or a wire to the steppers less likely something loose because it progresses in one direction?

if using parallel port check the computer or lower mach3 pulsing frequency

Tom Ayres Sat 16 January 2016 04:51

Hans, any luck?

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