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chopper Sun 08 April 2018 16:15

Mach 3 items for sale
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I have a pmdx 122 breakout board
new is 81.00
my price 40.00 + shipping
also have a pmdx 106 spindle control board still available in mass quantities ( been outmoded by the 107 which is 60.00)
my price 30.00 + shipping
I have a shuttle ru stm32( I believe this was over 200.00 new)
my price 95.00 + shipping
last but not least I have a shuttle pro new 100.00
my price 50.00 + shipping
all of these items are used and were removed from a working machine
the shuttle ru was modified I made a guard for the usb connector see photos.
some nicks in the finnish on the pendants. shuttle pro missing some of the caps for the buttons I made decals for the buttons so the caps are not needed I believe you can buy new caps if you want.

if all sold to one buyer I will discount total amount to 195.00 and pay shipping to continental US my e mail is

chopper Mon 09 April 2018 20:58

you can make an offer as well...
I no longer use Mach 3 so these items will not work with my new setup..


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