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domino11 Wed 15 August 2007 07:29

Laser Cut Parts from Ontario, Canada
I am planning on building a mechmate and have been looking for a supplier for the laser cut and bent parts. I have a quote for $430.00 Canadian Dollars for all the laser cut parts complete with bending. To get this price I need at least 10 kits. So I wanted to see if anyone in Canada would like to get in on the group buy. I might entertain also shipping to the US if they are close to the Ontario border. (so shipping wouldnt be too high). The orders would be plus shipping for your destination. Drop me a line and let me know if you are interested.


domino11 Thu 13 September 2007 10:57

Still trying to get better pricing. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

crushmonkey Wed 17 October 2007 23:51

I'm not in your area, but I wouldn't mind eating the extra cost for shipping to UT, US if I had to.

domino11 Thu 18 October 2007 07:17

I pm 'd another user who is in the US who might be able to source you a kit. If he doesnt get back to you in a bit, pm me or leave me another message here. I am still trying to get a reasonable supplier who will do small quantities.

crushmonkey Sun 21 October 2007 19:34

thank you Heath!

HomeMadeCnc Wed 14 November 2007 18:47

I'd be interested in a set as well.


domino11 Mon 19 November 2007 07:22

I also pmed the other user that was getting parts cut. PM me if he doesnt get back to you. I am currently getting pricing on the Mamba version.

Prism Tue 20 November 2007 15:25

Hello all,
I am located in Omaha, ne. and have a manufacturing place in town here that will do laser cutting and bending for the new Mamba version. I am running the file to them tomorrow to get pricing on doing this.
I was interested to see how many people want these parts cut out and maybe I can see if they will do a price reduction for quantity.
Let me know what you think,


HomeMadeCnc Wed 21 November 2007 01:17

Good Day All,
I tripped over this site AFTER starting on my own machine. I'm about a month away from finnishing. We will be building 4 machines (this site design) over the next year. If I can't deligate I'm going to automate! This will be done by cutting out all our own parts with a plasma cutter in my machine. The local tool rental shop has a high end one for $75 a day and it leaves a smooth edge. I'll post when were ready to cut and I'll take some orders if anyone is still interested. Pictures will be posted of our cut parts to prove cut quality.

Thanks for all your posts I've learned alot.

cobra427mnsi Tue 01 January 2008 20:30


Did you ever put together a group buy for the laser cut parts? If so, who did the work? If not, did you go on your own and to get the parts cut?


domino11 Wed 02 January 2008 08:16

I am just about to receive pricing on the Mamba setup from a laser cutter in Canada. I will post shortly what the pricing is if you are still interested.

cobra427mnsi Wed 02 January 2008 22:23

Originally Posted by domino11 View Post
I am just about to receive pricing on the Mamba setup from a laser cutter in Canada. I will post shortly what the pricing is if you are still interested.
Thanks Heath. Yes, I am still interested. I am putting a package together right now to take to several shops for a quote. We can compare quotes to see which is the best price. But, I seem to be having a problem with the accuracy of the DXF laser cutting files. I imported them into Mastercam to clean all the unnecessary stuff ( drawing border lines, title blocks and misc notes) off the drawing. I wanted to take only the actual part to be cut to the laser cutter in a DXF file. However, the part was not the exact size that the drawing called for. eg. in drawing number 10 20 456 PA, the 128mm measurement was only 127.694mm and the 147 mm measurement was 147.5 mm, after importing it into Mastercam.
Did you use Autocad to read the DXF laser cut files ? And, if so, did you check the measurements to see if they were what they were supposed to be? I don't know if the inaccuracy is in the file or the importing into Mastercam. Is it possible for you to check the accuracy of the measurements in the laser cut files using Autocad. If they are correct for you, then the problem is importing them into Mastercam.

Thanks, in advance, for your help

domino11 Thu 03 January 2008 07:24

I just sent the original dxf files from Gerald to the laser cutter. He had no problem giving me a quote from them. I have sent he mamba version to him and he said he would re quote after the holidays. I dont have a copy of Autocad installed on any of my machines right now. I know quite a few people have built machines from Geralds files so I am not that concerned. I can see if I can get a copy installed soon and check. Let me see. ( I dont use autocad a lot, Im more of an Electronics person in my day job)

domino11 Fri 04 January 2008 12:15

Here goes, depending on how many are interested, it looks like the mamba kit of laser cut parts with bending and the skate grinder plates will be about $420 CDN plus shipping to your address. I am not sure what shipping would be from Ontario to your local but would GUESS about $50 to $80. I might be able to get this price down a bit if we have a few orders. Let me know if anyone is still interested. If you are in the states there is another user that was supplying kits. PM me if you want him to contact you.

cobra427mnsi Fri 04 January 2008 19:58

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Heath

I will let you know if I need your services soon. I will get prices here to see how they compare. I am putting together a package of paper drawings and a CD with the DXF files so that I can take it ,on Monday, to 3 different shops in the Windsor area that do laser cutting. I haven't contacted them yet so I don't know if they do bending as well.
I opted to go with the geared motors so I am going to have all the optional parts cut as well. In total there are 20 DXF files for cutting of a total of 25 pieces. Attached is the index page with the drawings arranged according to thickness.
I will let you know how it works out.

domino11 Sun 06 January 2008 18:12

Thanks a lot. Let me know what you come up with. The best price I found on laser cutting doesnt do bending but a local firm can do all the bending for me. If we have more orders the pricing could come down due to less setup time etc.

Roadkill_321 Tue 08 January 2008 20:19

Hey guys, I could very well be interested in a kit too if my local laser guys turn out to be too expensive. I emailed them the parts list and such the other day, so I hope to be getting a reply fairly soon. When I find out I'll post the results on here.


cobra427mnsi Tue 08 January 2008 21:05

Heath and others
Just as a reference for you, I am attaching the first returned quote so you can see how this supplier has come up with his pricing. The quote is in Canadian funds which are pretty close to the same value as US funds right now. The file is a spreadsheet (.xls). This quote includes bending. This is the first of five that I sent out. I am hoping that the others will be lower. We will see.

Attached quote deleted - please rather mail out in private

Roadkill_321 Wed 09 January 2008 09:52


I think I'll stick with my local laser cutting guys, their price is very comparable to the one you have and I can save the shipping. Thanks anyway for your research on this.


domino11 Wed 09 January 2008 10:50

No problem, glad you got someone local that can do them for you. Some of my local guys are out of wack for the parts. ($600, $1200, $1700) I think some firms just dont want small jobs even though I told them they could be run when they have slack time on the machine. (ie slow delivery schedule)

Corwes Sat 19 January 2008 13:15

I might also be interested in a set.

paco Tue 22 January 2008 21:08

I may also be interested. Please PM me the details. Thanks!

domino11 Wed 23 January 2008 07:31

Originally Posted by domino11 View Post
It looks like the mamba kit of laser cut parts with bending and the skate grinder plates will be about $420 CDN plus shipping to your address. I am not sure what shipping would be from Ontario to your local but would GUESS about $50 to $80.
That is what I was quoted for the kit. Best pricing I have had so far. Paul was getting some more quotes so I was waiting to see what his results were and take it from there. How do you guys feel about the $420 plus shipping?

cobra427mnsi Wed 23 January 2008 07:38

Hi Heath

Just got back into town. Had two quotes waiting my arrival. So far, the quotes from 3 different suppliers are $630.00, $675.00 and $800.00. I am still waiting for 2 others to finish their quotes. I will call them latter today.

Your quote of $420.00 seems pretty reasonable at this point.


domino11 Wed 23 January 2008 09:34

Yeah, they are by far the best so far. I had one place quote $1600 for one set. If I ordered 10 sets then it went down to $600. :eek: There would also be shipping on top of that but it doesnt sound too bad. :)

cobra427mnsi Wed 23 January 2008 14:15

I just got a price for all the Mamba parts including the skate parts for $200.00. However, the laser cutter does not have the facilities for bending. I contacted a shop in my home town that said he could do the bending for $65.00 per hour. I ordered the laser parts and will have to see how much the final bending price is. I can't see it taking more than an hour to make around 24 bends. But, we'll see.
I also order all the steel to build a 50"X100" table including some 8" channel for the main beams ( 13 lbs+/ft ) for $1198.00plus tax. This includes cutting all angles and all pieces to length.
I guess I have officially started my build. I will be ordering electrical stuff next. I know Gerald suggested that we do the kitchen table stuff first. I guess I'm getting too anxious to get going. Now, my wife is after me to start remodeling the main bathroom. Boy, am I going to be busy!


paco Wed 23 January 2008 14:28


did you got that price for a single set?!

sailfl Wed 23 January 2008 15:19


That is an excellent price for cutting the parts.

cobra427mnsi Wed 23 January 2008 15:49


Yes, that price was for a single set. I ordered 2 sets just to make it worthwhile for the supplier. Don't forget that is without any bending.


domino11 Wed 23 January 2008 18:30

What is the delivery time for your laser cut sets?

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