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ifffff Thu 03 September 2009 14:09

Cutting Gears on Two MechMates! #38 & #130 - Parnu, Estonia
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After reading this forum trough couple times i started to build my MechMate too.
Cutting area will be ca 3400*2100. It will be with big indexer something like that yellow maschine picture in this thread :
Now is all steel arrived and some welding job done. Motors, gears, gear racks, and rollers arrived. Tomorrow should be here smoothstepper board and breakout boards. Spindle, VFD, drivers and cable chains are ordered.
One motor isnt missing its on turner who makes on gears shaft and key holes
Some pictures too:

sailfl Thu 03 September 2009 16:14


Looks like you have a great start. Welcome

Robert M Thu 03 September 2009 18:09

Good luck with your build.
I see this valley for an indexer....I'll see you soon with my version too !
Wishing you a smooth sailing ;)

domino11 Thu 03 September 2009 20:57

Welcome IVO,
Best of luck on your build. :)

Kobus_Joubert Thu 03 September 2009 22:43

Good luck with the build of your MM, but don't let the restoration of the motorbikes take a dip...Otherwise send them to me and I will work on them.;)

reidcd Fri 04 September 2009 03:12

finnish the bike
Shouldn’t you finish the Ural bike first . I have one and my wife won’t let start the Mechmate until its up and running

ifffff Fri 04 September 2009 03:22

This bike isnt Ural its K-750. Badly i must sell both bikes to complete MechMate. Sad, but sometimes need set prioritys.

ifffff Sat 05 September 2009 01:09

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Started to cut down rails. I made skate from piece of MDF, but looks that it isnt very good idea burr is abrasive and it goes too quick thinner:mad:. Today gonna think something else out
Good news are that smoothstepper and breakout boards arrived.

Gerald D Sat 05 September 2009 03:42

Are you using a Pferd cutting disk, 1mm thick, type EHT 115-1,0 A 60 R SG-INOX/22,23 (page 41 from Catalogue 206 (PDF, 7,82 MB))?

ifffff Sat 05 September 2009 07:38

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No its Grinding 1,6mm thick. I know that 1mm is better but i have those free :)

ifffff Sat 05 September 2009 14:12

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Looks like simple thing are better just putted bolts on and surfaced on side of main beam and done it is after some hour and 5 disks :)

Doug_Ford Sat 05 September 2009 14:33

Was it stable enough?

ifffff Sat 05 September 2009 14:50

Yes it is. First cut is most important later flute holds disk little.

ifffff Sun 13 September 2009 14:48

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Aftel lots of welding, grinding and drilling its taking shape :). Frame is bolted on because my shop havent so large doors if i maybe later want move it.

sailfl Sun 13 September 2009 18:46


Interesting table design. You rectangle you have on the right side, is that for an indexer?

ifffff Mon 14 September 2009 03:46

Yes its for indexer. I havent thinked out yet how to made indexer base. Has anyone ideas?

javeria Mon 14 September 2009 10:27

Make it out of 2 C channels with a space in between where you can tighten the movable end,

ifffff Thu 17 September 2009 13:01

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For now car and cantry are rolling and im starting tomorrow rebolt it and painting.
Making indexer base of 2 C channels is bad idea for me because its very hard find those what are ideally straight and have both sides 90 degree angles. But i have one idea. I thougt put on both sides on indexer valley 60*40 rectangular tubes and on them MDF strips. Then i surface them with MM and i get ideal staight base for plate what has on it holding centre for indexer job. And if MDF wears down too much its easy replace it too. What do you guys thinh about that idea??
Some pictures too.

ifffff Thu 17 September 2009 14:27

Just another idea. Is any disadvantages to use as limit switches hall effect sensors? They are a lot cheaper than proximity sensors.

domino11 Thu 17 September 2009 19:00

One of the guys here built a Mechmate for indexer work and he used hall effect sensors. Check out Art's site Turning Around

Gerald D Thu 17 September 2009 21:01

For Hall efffect sensors, you need to mount magnets as the targets. That means that you will not be able to detect if the gantry or y-car jumps off the rails.

Using MDF strips, that are cut with the machine, before further assembly is probably a good idea. But I don't quite understand your description and sketch to see the purpose of this strip?

ifffff Fri 18 September 2009 01:25

Gerald, purpose of those strips is get ideally base for plate what holds centre of woodpiece i havent now time to make better sketch. But on that i havent thought that proxymity sensor can "see" this too if car or cantry jumps. Look like proximity sensor 1:0 hall effect sensor :D

ifffff Mon 21 September 2009 14:05

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Meanwhile its starting to get blue. Its industrial epoxy paint. I hope it will last long. But damn its a messy job.

Robert M Mon 21 September 2009 18:31

I also like V-much you’re little brace design for your valley bracing. It’s very inspiring as I too am in the progress with my build ( kitchen project only at this time but….soon on the metal part !).
Best of luck ;)

leholaaser Sun 27 September 2009 14:21

Edu jõudu ja jaksu.

ifffff Sun 27 September 2009 14:57

Tänan, jõudu ja jaksu läheb vaja. Paksu rahakotti ka. On sul ka plaanis ehitama hakata?

leholaaser Mon 28 September 2009 04:25

Tulevikus kindlasti on plaan selline sinine koll ehitada, kuid rahakott ja aeg seavad hetkel omad piirangud. Hetke plaan on teha üks väiksem ja lihtsam, et selle cnc värigindusega tutvust teha ja praeguseks hetkeks olen hästi väheke mänginud juba linuxipõhise "EMC2" kontrolltarkvaraga ja paari CAD rakendusega.
Kas sa saad ütelda kui palju sul praeguse hetkeni on raha läniud erinevatele komponentidele ja mis tööga muul ajal tegeled :P ?

ifffff Mon 28 September 2009 08:17

Raha on praeguseks kulutatud ca 60-70K asja päris valmis saamiseks tuleb veel investeerida ca 30K. Kindlasti saab odavamalt aga plaanis on teha masin mis hakkab tööle iga päev, niiet komponentide valikul olen lähtunud pigem vastupidavuse printsiibist kui odavusest.
Juhtprogrammi valikul soovitan vaadata Mach3 poole.

leholaaser Mon 28 September 2009 13:46

üks asi mis tulevaste cnc projektide juures kindel on emc2, see vist rohkem maitse asi(mulle lihtsalt meeldib avatud tarkvara) :).
Kas sa kasutad/hakkad kasutama spetsiaalseid lineraalrlaagreid või tavalisele kuullaagrile peal tehtud hülsse?

leholaaser Tue 29 September 2009 14:17

A quick translation for those who cant understand estonian wery well :D:

: Yupee estonian are in the game, good luck and other wishes
Thanks, i allso need a a lot of money in your wallet , do you plan building one yourself?
in the future I definitely plan building one, time and money make teir limitis at the moment, th eplan is to make a smaller and cheaper one to familiarize myself with cnc. i have played with EMC2 a little and wit some cad applications. Can you tell me how much have you spent on components?
Money has been spent about 60 000-70 000 EEK, and to finish ity up another 30k is needed. I have preferred quality over price.
as the motion controll software i would reccomend MACH3.
One thing with future cnc projects is certaint that they will be driven by EMC2, its mo a matter of taste(i do like open source).
Are you going to use special v-bearing or sleeves over normal bearings?

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