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bachaabdelkabir Sun 08 July 2018 05:51

Frame Underway - Casablanca, Morocco
Hi dear Mechmate Community.

I have started building the beast with a friend of mine some weeks ago. But we are very limited for the moment with time as we work on the construction on some weekends. We decided to share the our construction story with all of you ( Mechmate Community members) :D.

For now we have achieved just the following milestones :
-> Purchased the plans and digested them for weeks.
-> Read the forum daily for the sake of information.
-> Purchased equipment for cutting and drilling.
-> Purchased the majority of Metal (C channel beams UPN180 and son on)
-> Cutting the majority of the pieces for the base table.

I will post some pictures as soon as i modify them to suite the size that is acceptable for the forum.

Some of the difficulties that we are facing right now :

-> We are still searching for a local company here in Casablanca-Morocco for the laser cut parts.
-> We are looking for another bigger working space for rent.
-> We are still looking for foreign suppliers for the other components (Spindle, v-groove bearings, steppers, etc...)

Best regards to all of you.

MetalHead Sun 08 July 2018 05:56

Welcome aboard!

wiifm Sun 08 July 2018 06:31

Originally Posted by MetalHead View Post
Welcome aboard!
+1 Welcome!

bachaabdelkabir Sun 08 July 2018 06:41

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Here you go some pictures


lonestaral Sun 08 July 2018 19:06

Good to see someone else with a tiled floor.
Keep posting the photos.

YANLM Mon 09 July 2018 21:02


bachaabdelkabir Mon 09 July 2018 23:41

Thanks to all of You

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Sat 01 September 2018 13:58

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Hi All

Here are some pictures showing the very slow advancement of our build.

We are closed to return it upside-down

Best regards

bachaabdelkabir Fri 28 September 2018 09:53

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I just wanted to share an update about the building. As I mentioned before we rarely manage to have free time to this projet.

The laser cut part have finally arrived after two weeks of waiting from a local company :D

I have also welded M12 Nuts to the foot closing plates of the base table (Part 10 10 334).

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Mon 01 October 2018 03:10

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Another update.

We finally managed to rent another more spacious workshop (About 50 sq meters ) with a reasonable renting price. The previous one was 15 sq m .

Ps: the floor will not be tiled ;).

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Thu 15 November 2018 06:38

X and Y rails and V-wheels
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Hi all,

I wanted to share some updates:

- We are now at the stage of cutting the v-rails
- I will receive today two test parts of the v-groove wheels from two local fabrication companies. we must decide with of them will take the offer :
--> Company 1 : the quote is 5,5 $ per piece without bearings
--> Company 2 : the quote is 25 $ per piece with bearings inserted and ready to work with.

Any advise, please ?

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