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oliver2257 Wed 30 November 2011 15:52

Checking continuity of wiring with Antec Power Supply Connected
I am hoping to power up my project without having smoke and sparks and did a continuity test with a very good True RMS Multimeter. I was hearing what appeared to be a short between my L1 and L2 hot legs, (230 V AC), lots of beeps at the wrong time. This resulted in lots of reworking, checking and wondering what was wrong. It all looked good. I wired the power supply for 230 V as per the instructions which in fact are correct. The 1st and 4th wires, red and black, are L1 and L2, with no continuity. The other pair of red/black are joined together and will also show no continuity until connected. Once they are joined then there is the issue. A few phone calls and a lot of help, just using a multimeter beep signal is not adequate to test with the power supply connected, not enough impedance in the PS. It is preferable and easiest to disconnect the PS from the system to test.

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