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domino11 Sun 05 December 2010 18:43

Congrats Sergio!

MetalHead Sun 05 December 2010 19:05

Congrats on your build !!! You get #70

jehayes Mon 06 December 2010 09:35

Que Bella! Sergio

Welcome to the number club.

cortatudo Wed 08 December 2010 05:57

Hello Sergio, my name is Lucas (-cortatudo-nik name of mechmate cortatudo-forum).

I live in Portugal and I'm starting to build my mechmate. Already have laser parts and electrical parts and electronics.

But I can not find here in Portugal or the stepper motors, or the rollers. could you help me please?

Thank you.

my contact is:

silverdog Wed 08 December 2010 22:23

Ciao Lucas,
For the motors I contacted directly Oriental Motor (both in Italy and UK ) the sold me the motor for about 250 € each. The price was about the same of what you are going to spend buying them from USA when you add custom fee and expedition.
For the roller I took the easy way :-) .... bought from (don't forghet the bushing:

jhiggins7 Thu 09 December 2010 06:05

Builder's Log Update

Congratulations on Serial #70. We appreciate your sharing some "pointers" about your build for future (and maybe current) MechMate builders.

Here is the Updated Builder's Log.

Please review your entry and provide the "cutting dimensions" for the Builder's Log. If you would like to make any changes to your entry let me know by reply to this thread or a PM.

silverdog Thu 09 December 2010 11:44

Thank to all for the compliments and to many for the incredible support and inspiration. Completing this project was an important growing up step in my life.
I will try to document my built very soon .... if I succeed in the construction with no cnc nor mechanical experience and no esoteric equipment .... everybody can do it (thanks to Gerald for the great project)!
P.S. :-)

silverdog Thu 09 December 2010 11:55

John, here some specifications: cutting lenght: 2600 mm x 1650mm (but table limited to 2200 to leave space for a 4th rotary axis and a vertical clamp to allow dovetails mortasing jointing on the side of the pannels .... at the moment just a wish :-) )

jhiggins7 Sat 11 December 2010 07:09

Updated Builder's Log
Thanks Sergio.

I modified your

I'm anxious to see your 4th rotary axis. Keep us posted.

silverdog Mon 11 June 2012 11:34

Some vcarving and a very beautifull chaise longue ...
2 Attachment(s)
Well, some carving on solid wood (pine) and the method I used to block the piece (it was a nightmare to understand how to block the piece untill I had the idea, I always used to block the pieces from the top)

silverdog Mon 11 June 2012 11:35

Some vcarving and a very beautifull chaise longue ...2
1 Attachment(s)
A sign ...

silverdog Mon 11 June 2012 11:43

.... and finally ...
2 Attachment(s)
The Chaise Longue prototype "Anathemic" designed by Architect Marco Tonci (the one in the picture with his creature)

Gerald D Mon 11 June 2012 13:12

Good stuff!

Regnar Mon 11 June 2012 16:20

Nice Job on both but that Lounge is SUPERB!!!! Is there a set of plans for that or did you copy from the pictures. Either way I looks sleek and very comfortable.

danilom Mon 11 June 2012 16:30

From what material did you cut the Lounge?

silverdog Mon 11 June 2012 18:05

1 Attachment(s)
Russell, I took both the pictures (one in a photo studio and the other was in my house) the lounge is made on my mechmate and the material is Valchromat (Danilo). The architect (near the lounge) came to me with an autocad file of the +- 120 pieces.

hennie Mon 11 June 2012 23:14


silverdog Tue 12 June 2012 01:48

Originally Posted by hennie View Post
Thank you Hennie, but I'm only the piano player ... well Mechmate player :)

javeria Tue 12 June 2012 04:42

What ever - great designer and great mechmater! :)

silverdog Tue 12 June 2012 09:17

Thanks Irfan

hennie Tue 12 June 2012 09:23

One question, How do you seal the inside of the gaps once the chair is assembled

silverdog Tue 12 June 2012 12:01

No sealing, the center part is free (you can se the light passing trough). It's glued on the top, the bottom and the sides where you see the clamps (clamp on one side not present in the picture)

jehayes Wed 13 June 2012 04:39

Sergio, thanks for the great photos and ideas. Good work.

silverdog Sat 08 September 2012 07:09

Started making windows with the mechmate ...
3 Attachment(s)
Well maybe a cnc machine is not the first thing to use for making straight windows .... but once you have a jiig to stop the wood in the zero position it's not so bad ... much better than anything else I tried unless you have the proper shaper cutter (which cost for european style windows 3000-5000 euros for one tipe of window).

a photo of the jiig and a foto of the "copy" tenon jiig (inspired by

and of course the Mechmate working !! :-)

if anybody is interessed I have a skechup file with all my effort to draws the windows ... could be a strarting poin

Alan_c Sat 08 September 2012 12:44

That looks great Sergio, it would be good to see that sketchup file.

silverdog Sat 08 September 2012 15:44

1 Attachment(s)
Ciao Alan,
It has been difficoult to me understanding all the process to profiling and tenoning of a tipical european window, so if I can save a little time to others ... or just for curiosity ...
Even if our machine can't be competitive with a windows production machine, I think it has a big advantage: you can make many different tipe of profiles, so if your window is small you can do a thinner profile, if it's a big window you can do a more robust profile ... specialized windows makers (at least in italy) make just one profile for every dimension. this is not so good on smaller windows because you loose a lot of light. (I considered just straight windows ... if we consider windows with particular shapes our Mechmate can be very competitive !)

Alan_c Sat 08 September 2012 16:06

Thanks Sergio, I have to make some windows for an extension I am putting on my house. I have some old teak (from an old railway coach) that I want to use.

The quality and style of our windows available locally are way below the standard that you guys can get in Europe (mind you we dont have the same climatic coditions to deal with, but the energy saving benefits cant be ignored) We have a saying that our windows are like sticks and a piece of glass in a hole in the wall and European windows are like fine furniture. :)

Surfcnc Sat 08 September 2012 19:54

Hi Sergio

Very nice work.
The pine log round is very creative.

As you are using an alloy hold down jig for the windows you probably could set the x and y with your Z touch off plate.
Put the plate on the jig and have the machine jog itself over to make the contact.
Plenty of the Mach3 screen sets have an X and Y coordinates setting feature if that is the machine controller software you are using.
This should make it easy and repeatable to set the coordinates again at the start of a new day.


silverdog Sun 09 September 2012 01:15

2 Attachment(s)
Ciao Alan, about the window on the sketchup file, it use a very precise mechanics ( ) or ( ) and has two open options: classic from one side to the other, and "vasistas", just turning the handle 90 or 180.Use a double glass (can be also triple). In my skp file on the angle view I profiled also 1 rubber gasket groove (the gasket is 16x4 mm), but it'possible to modify the file for 2. The model I did have to be completed with some holes for the hinges and maybe I forgot something ( I will udate ASAP ) but the profile and joint dimension are tested. If you have any doubt just ask I already answered to all the questions to myself :-) (and made a lot of test and .. errors :o ).
Well in the picture you can see the mechanism .... but yes it's on an horrible alluminium frame :)

silverdog Sun 09 September 2012 01:23

Ciao Ross,
Thans for the idea did not think that, but it's very usefull and more precise than use my cross-hair laser pointer (which it's nos so bad anyway ... but your way is much better. The jiig can be removed and repositioned in the exactly the same place, I used some reference pins on the bottom and on the Mechmate boar and with your implementation the work will be easier.

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