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bachaabdelkabir Sun 08 July 2018 04:51

Frame Underway - Casablanca, Morocco
Hi dear Mechmate Community.

I have started building the beast with a friend of mine some weeks ago. But we are very limited for the moment with time as we work on the construction on some weekends. We decided to share the our construction story with all of you ( Mechmate Community members) :D.

For now we have achieved just the following milestones :
-> Purchased the plans and digested them for weeks.
-> Read the forum daily for the sake of information.
-> Purchased equipment for cutting and drilling.
-> Purchased the majority of Metal (C channel beams UPN180 and son on)
-> Cutting the majority of the pieces for the base table.

I will post some pictures as soon as i modify them to suite the size that is acceptable for the forum.

Some of the difficulties that we are facing right now :

-> We are still searching for a local company here in Casablanca-Morocco for the laser cut parts.
-> We are looking for another bigger working space for rent.
-> We are still looking for foreign suppliers for the other components (Spindle, v-groove bearings, steppers, etc...)

Best regards to all of you.

MetalHead Sun 08 July 2018 04:56

Welcome aboard!

wiifm Sun 08 July 2018 05:31

Originally Posted by MetalHead View Post
Welcome aboard!
+1 Welcome!

bachaabdelkabir Sun 08 July 2018 05:41

3 Attachment(s)

Here you go some pictures


lonestaral Sun 08 July 2018 18:06

Good to see someone else with a tiled floor.
Keep posting the photos.

YANLM Mon 09 July 2018 20:02


bachaabdelkabir Mon 09 July 2018 22:41

Thanks to all of You

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Sat 01 September 2018 12:58

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Hi All

Here are some pictures showing the very slow advancement of our build.

We are closed to return it upside-down

Best regards

bachaabdelkabir Fri 28 September 2018 08:53

2 Attachment(s)

I just wanted to share an update about the building. As I mentioned before we rarely manage to have free time to this projet.

The laser cut part have finally arrived after two weeks of waiting from a local company :D

I have also welded M12 Nuts to the foot closing plates of the base table (Part 10 10 334).

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Mon 01 October 2018 02:10

3 Attachment(s)

Another update.

We finally managed to rent another more spacious workshop (About 50 sq meters ) with a reasonable renting price. The previous one was 15 sq m .

Ps: the floor will not be tiled ;).

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Thu 15 November 2018 05:38

X and Y rails and V-wheels
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Hi all,

I wanted to share some updates:

- We are now at the stage of cutting the v-rails
- I will receive today two test parts of the v-groove wheels from two local fabrication companies. we must decide with of them will take the offer :
--> Company 1 : the quote is 5,5 $ per piece without bearings
--> Company 2 : the quote is 25 $ per piece with bearings inserted and ready to work with.

Any advise, please ?

Robert M Sat 17 November 2018 19:52

Welcome aboard Mate !!....Keep up, fun is on it's way ;0)!!
All the best, Robert

bachaabdelkabir Sun 18 November 2018 04:21

3 Attachment(s)
Thanks a lot Robert !

Here are the pictures of the v-wheel test parts :

I have chosen the quote 1 because the company N2 didn't respect the design very well as you can see in the pictures (the ones with one bearing inserted). Even if the company has raised the price to 10$ per piece.

As for the cutting process of the rails, i am still struggling on that point. in fact, we don't have a good flat surface.

I am wondering if i can use the main longitudinal beam as a reference surface, but the cutting process will be vertical. (It seems to be a little bit complicated).

Best regards.

bachaabdelkabir Tue 20 November 2018 16:56

X and Y rails
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Hi all

Here are some updates.

I had a very difficult time trying to find a good flat surface to use a reference for the cutting process. I tried first three UPN 80mm steel profiles as surface together but it wasn't satisfying. Finally, I used an 8mm glass surface from a broken table and it worked perfectly before it broke after cutting one X rail. now have to came up with another solution to complete this job.

guille2 Wed 21 November 2018 08:25

good job!!! you could use this

MetalHead Fri 23 November 2018 02:52

Looking great. Melamine white panels or MDF Plywood work good for doing rails.

bachaabdelkabir Sun 25 November 2018 00:03

1 Attachment(s)
Thank you very much for the help Goya and Mike :)

Actually, I managed to use another piece of the broken glass surface and used it to continue the cut.

I finished the X rails and still have to do Y rails.

I have made a mistake by cutting X+600 for the X-rail's length while it should be X+960 as mentioned in the plans for the grinding process (see the picture above)

I think i should solder two additional 360mm pieces on both sides and grind them.

Best regards

bachaabdelkabir Fri 21 December 2018 09:36

x and y rails
6 Attachment(s)
Hi all,

I wanted to share some advancement on the project :)

- We bought 9 meters of Racks
- Made the Excentric bushings from 12mm blots
- Finished the assembly of skate grinder
- Finished the grinding of the Y-rails (see pictures)
- Welded some extra pieces to the X-rails

But I noticed that the new welded pieces are 1 mm smaller than the long x-rail.
Do I need to regrind those rails horizontally to reduce the hight to be 27mm in order to allow the grinder skate to go smoothly?

Is it fine to reduce the height of the X-rail from 28 mm to 27mm?

DocTanner Fri 21 December 2018 17:01

Hi bachaabdelkabir,
It;s good to see someone building. The height will be fine. The springs that keep the stepper engaged will make up the difference. Best of luck to you.

Donald AKA

bachaabdelkabir Sat 22 December 2018 03:01

Thanks a lot Donald

MarkRH Sun 30 December 2018 04:57

Looks good, how hard was it to roll over? What do you guess it weighs? Im just getting to putting my table together and may have to leave legs off to have it clear ceiling height

bachaabdelkabir Sun 30 December 2018 16:29

HI Mark,

I had no experience in welding before starting this project and I managed to complete the table without difficulty (I have just watched some instructional youtube videos).

For the weight, I think that that the table has something like 300kg. The big longitudinal beams share a big amount of that weight.

Good luck with your build :)

bachaabdelkabir Wed 27 February 2019 09:57

Gantry nearly completed
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Hi all

Here are some updates about the build.

Unfortunately, we have the problem of a twisted gantry. As shown in the pictures above one of the four edges of the gantry is about 5mm far from the level where it should be. As we don't have in possession 4 large G clamps we have tried to put some weight in the higher edge but it didn't work.

Do we have to invest in those g-clamps (about 25 dollars each) or does anyone have an alternative idea?

Best regards.

Robert M Wed 27 February 2019 11:22

Putting some weigh will simply not do enough to these steel tube as u experience!!
The “simplest” way is as prescribe
It’s been figured out by to many over past 12 yrs+ as the lowest “best” cost way to do it)…..YES, it requires to invest in some good mechanical clamps, may not be “G-clamps” as per say, can be any good quality bar clamps, parallel clamps….any sort that will surely be of use later for your working needs…..but avoid these “quick” hand grip clamps as in your photo as they do not :
A – have a good long term holding ( will loosen in time under hard pressure )
B – can NEVER equal strength of a “mechanical” or say and tighten clamp like ( Bessy or some like these ) or any equivalent.
You need some good force / strength through those “future” clamps, so, get good ones, they will be a VERY, VERY good investment now….and for much future working needs…..and yrs !!

Good luck @_#

PS.....also, they don't need to be new ;0)).....look up as the used market....all been equal, it's an economical solution !!

bachaabdelkabir Wed 27 February 2019 11:50

Thanks a lot Robert for the quick reply,

I thought that the clamps like BESSY are only good for woodworking not for metal now i will look for some good quality ones, i think they are available here the market place (comparing to G-clamps which are rare in big size ).

And btw, i was already aware of the weakness of the quick hand grip clamps that i have used, but i didn't have another available option, that's why i added some spins of steel wire (bearly noticeable in the picture).

Thanks again Robert

Robert M Wed 27 February 2019 11:58

Pleasur.....Mate, that why were her...:D :cool:
Best of luck..... d_ b

MarkRH Thu 28 February 2019 02:11

There is a thread in the gantry section on straightening propeller twist, if I were you id cut thru those welds with a thin disc clamp it flat and follow the welding sequence to minimise distortion.

MetalHead Thu 28 February 2019 06:05

You only talking 3/16 of an inch, If you have a torch you can stress relieve the weld areas by heating them up to help remove the twist.

bachaabdelkabir Sat 30 March 2019 01:06

Gantry nearly completed
4 Attachment(s)
Hi all,

Thanks a lot, Robert, Mark and Mike for the precious advise. And sorry for being late to respond.

I bought four good quality bar clumps and did the gantry twist correction as can be seen in the pictures above.

I have now completed the drilling, positioning and threading of the X rails. So I have a rolling gantry as can be seen in the video :

I had some difficulties trying to put the 6001 bearings inside the V-grooves without damaging the bearing. I don't know if it is noticeable in the video but the gantry doesn't roll smoothly because of this issue.

Best regards.

Robert M Sat 30 March 2019 04:11

Progress....Look good and I know you wont regret having those great pump clamps !

Now, as for "I had some difficulties trying to put the 6001 bearings inside the V-grooves without damaging the bearing"
I'd say, you do not wish to skip this part !
I know it may seems discouraging or wishing all will..."become" fine or, "it should be ok, it's not that bad !!" may think, but, bearing are either top notch or....say good buy !!
If in your hand there not very smooth, pull them out of this ( or those) V-groove and either readjust you machining of those wheels or the step on how to push them in, but again, end results "must" be top to put good function & reliability & longevity ( not to say other future wrong diagnostic if it's not working "as it should")!!.

All the best and keep progress.....cheers !@_@

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