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Hooked Sun 13 August 2017 16:15

Hi From Paradie Beach - Australia
Hi Guys,

I have bought the plans and a kit of laser cut parts and am sitting on my hands at present. I have already built 2 CNC machines, one based on the Arduino board and the next using a PMDX board and Mach4. There has been quite a leap in technology and methods since the Mechmate plans originated and I'm wondering what changes would users make based on those changes and the knowledge of having time spent running their machines.

THANKS - Daryl

Kornerking Tue 12 December 2017 15:06

Hey Daryl,
So how is your MM progressing. I haven't run across you much on other sites to keep in touch.
Bonanza Pete

IamDave Tue 19 December 2017 14:50

Looks like he has the parts posted for sale.

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