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Joshlt Thu 02 April 2020 07:59

morning all
I am not new to the cnc world, i have been running a Gatton CNC that I built about 3 years ago. I have pretty much maxed out the cutting area for it, it is a 4x4 machine and i love it. I hope to build a 6x12 cutting area cnc in the future. there are a few options to choose from, but I am like to build things and the challenge to go with it. the mechmate looks to be the best option for me as i do not like to out lay massive amounts of money all at once. I like to buy a piece here and a piece there. so this should be a fun build.

swatkins Thu 02 April 2020 21:24

Welcome! I've taken 10 years to buy a piece here and there :)

lonestaral Fri 03 April 2020 18:10

Enjoy the experience.

Joshlt Fri 03 April 2020 19:14

Took me 2 yrs to build my Gatton. It will be awhile for build the mm. Gotta pay the Gatton off first. About half way there on that.

MetalHead Mon 04 May 2020 07:50

Welcome aboard!

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