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Mon 30 July 2018, 08:01
According to the Autodesk website, Art CAM is no longer available. Is there a way to get it legally? I have seen a lot of people out there over a package with a "Crack". Not sure this is right.

What would be nice is if Autodesk would offer a package that assumes no support and you keep the software without using the cloud.



Fri 03 August 2018, 05:17
Get Fusion 360 , it is Autodesk's Free software.

Fri 03 August 2018, 06:29
Dan and Mike,

I've used Fusion 360 for it's CAM function. It's very capable. It has a "learning curve".

Fri 03 August 2018, 07:15
Thanks guys,

I recently loaded Fusion 360 and I am in the process of learning it. It is a powerful program. As far as I know, it is only free for one or three years (to hobbyist and students). After that it will be around the $300 / year range. That still is not bad for what it can do.

I was more interested in Artcam for it's ability to take a picture format and create a 3D model which can then be manipulated into a CAM file and then G-code.

I am not far enough along in fusion to know if it can do the same thing. Anyone out there know the answer to that?


Fri 03 August 2018, 16:10
If looking into similar software to ArtCam then look at Vectric Aspire

Wed 13 February 2019, 05:25
Fusion 360 : Great solution.Thanks for the answer..!!!