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Gerald D
Tue 08 January 2008, 13:28
The Mamba drawings will "force" a certain fixed way of locating and orienting the 2 cable chains. The main thinking behind it is to keep them out of the operator's way. An operator will spend most time near the X=0 end of the table, between the Y=0 and Y=max positions - in other words, at the leftmost narrow low part of the table. We find ourselves also leaning over both x-rails, mostly at the x=0 ends.

Drawing 10 60 100 A should have explained in what direction those two views are. The top view is the "back" of the MM - looking from y=max towards y=0. (From far side towards near side) The bottom view is from x=max towards x=0 (again from far to near).


Photo from Greg's build - 0,0 is furthest from camera:


The cross-support channel irons under the table top
are also offset away from the camera.

Gerald D
Sat 19 April 2008, 09:51
Paul noticed that I had the cross-support offset wrong in the first graphic, so I deleted the wrong supports and added a photo from Greg to make it all clear. Other posts have been deleted to reduce confusion.

Mon 21 April 2008, 09:16
AAwwww.....I have my supports like the drawing was with the cross supports closer to the end of the longetudal channels where the x chain is. I just bolted my mdf board down saturday. Guess I could add a channel to the end that needs it and leave the channel on the other end as is. :)

Gerald D
Mon 21 April 2008, 10:15
Sorry ED, I owe you a beer. :D

Mon 21 April 2008, 11:03
No problem, I should have looked at 10 00 000. I am actually in awe at how well everything is drawn and how well every thing fits together. Good thing about building with steel, any changes can be made easily. :)

Thu 10 April 2014, 22:46
Guys, I was wondering if we have covered the vertical placement of the cable carriers anywhere.

This would appear to be a function of the bend radius of your particular make of cable chain. Could somebody kindly point me to such a discussion or shed some light?

Would prefer to be able to drill the required holes without having to first assemble the machine to work this out.

Tom Ayres
Fri 11 April 2014, 06:56
Based on your radius, for the most part, bottom of rails if you follow the recommended chain specs. I've got 8" rails, my support is flush to the bottom, but because I chose an open type chain the chain has this desire to really flex and have had to add another support rod the brackets. I can say now that an open chain is not the way to go. The y rails the same, nice and neat.

Fri 11 April 2014, 11:44
Thanks Tom.

I re-read the thread Cable chain ("E-chain") - sizes and sources (http://www.mechmate.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6385&postcount=1) where it quite clearly says:

The Mamba brackets are designed for 75mm [3"] radius chain.

I should be able to work it from there.

Tom Ayres
Fri 11 April 2014, 15:54
I'm using the 3.94" radius chain for the x and 3"r for the y. Get your chain first, then find out where it can go. If your x rails are 7" then drop down 1 inch, if they are 8" then flush to the bottom, adjust accordingly.

Fri 11 April 2014, 16:09
For what it is worth, it was suggested to me that it is a good idea to go larger on the E chain size. There may be other things that you want to run in them, air line, more wire for touch plates, etc. The X axis is not a big deal, as you can lower the E chain however much you need. On the Y axis, you are limited, because going any lower than the gantry cross member tube, effects the clearance of the machine. I used Igus, 3.5"W by 2"T.

Thanks Tom.

I re-read the thread Cable chain ("E-chain") - sizes and sources (http://www.mechmate.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6385&postcount=1) where it quite clearly says:

I should be able to work it from there.

Sat 19 April 2014, 19:18
You can use the same for the X and Y but you have to modify the terminating bracket for the Y car like I did. It is actually nice to have the extra room.