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Sat 06 December 2014, 14:35
While roaming the youtube I stumbled about this CAM software.


Seems pretty capable and very affordable (50 usd or 35eur)

It has all that you need, pocket, profile, preview toolpath and 3D machining
I installed it but had no time to test all the functions. Has Linuxcnc and Mach3 postp.
It even has a implementation of trochoidal milling toolpath, its a toolpath where the endmill is engaged at full depth, maximize axial chip thinning and allow much higher feedrates. Don't know if this is usable on wood thou :)

Forgot to mention ... its capable of sending the gcode directly to Arduino Uno and therefore control the machine directly . INSANE :)

Sun 07 December 2014, 04:41
Great link!

I particularly liked this video http://youtu.be/T4fn-tP1PuI that also demonstrates the trochoidal cutting technique really well. I learned something tonight.

Sun 07 December 2014, 23:36
Very nice! Thanks for the link!

Wed 10 December 2014, 10:59
That website and software is in Deutsch. Is it possible to get website and software in English ?

Wed 10 December 2014, 14:57
If you use Google Chrome browser it will translate it for you :)

Wed 10 December 2014, 15:01
If you use Google Chrome browser it will translate it for you :)

At least the web page. What about software :s

Wed 10 December 2014, 15:08
Don't know where do you see only Deutch?

Links I posted point only to english pages and software is in English language


Wed 10 December 2014, 16:45
Both with chrome et firefox the page is in Deutsch here.

Might be something with his server.

Wed 10 December 2014, 22:12
I get English page at 1st try.

Thu 11 December 2014, 05:38
I've been using ESTLCAM and found it a very good application the webpage and the application are a mix of German and English but the application is simple to use and makes good gcode. I really like that the output code is marked up with comments and messages.

Thu 11 December 2014, 15:10
Tried this myself and just couldn't get it, must be a bit slow. No undo, can't deselect anything you select by accident and a few other issues. I'll stick with Cambam thanks....

Thu 11 December 2014, 15:32
Bruce, what version of CAMBAM are you using?

Thu 11 December 2014, 15:33
Dale, using .098N and just looking at the about window I have 38 evaluations left :)

Wed 18 March 2015, 00:44
Estlecam is a very economical choice for beginners learning cnc. It does have its drawbacks - it only handles dxf files with single layers, and with that limitation it doesn't do 3d surfacing as someone suggested.

It is very easy to learn how to use, and is a perfect stepping stone to something a little more complicated and pricey. I've used estlecam on and off for about 6 months. With it I was able step up my understanding of cam programs enough to attempt to comprehend the benefits of a cad/cam package program.

Wed 15 April 2015, 11:04
Latest two versions of Estlecam do have a rudimentary 3d surfacing feature. It will handle an STL file and gives you few machining strategies.