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Sat 15 February 2014, 15:16
Does anyone happen to know if a Chinese spindle, 4kw, would be able to handle cutting 1/8" aluminum foam core board? I have one small project I need to cut some windows out of it and bend it. The aluminum looks to be super thin and I'm sure that others cnc it, I just don't want to risk any bearing problems on my router.

Any ideas?


Sun 16 February 2014, 04:41
I've just come inside from cutting 3mm PVC sandwiched between aluminium (ACM), I guess foam is easier.
I use a 3kw spindle, 2mm single flute at 800mm/min. If I was using a larger bit I would cut faster.
Add a bit of air for cooling and leave the protective cling plastic on until after cutting seems to pull the 'hairy' stuff off.

Good luck

Tue 18 February 2014, 01:26
Thanks! What are you setting your spindle speed at? Also down ur or upcut o flute?

Tue 18 February 2014, 14:27
Spindle speed fastest (I don't know exact rpm:o). Up cut bit.
For miter joints i use a modified 90 deg cutter on the fold lines and cut not quite all the way through.
To modify the 90 deg cutter I just ground the tip of so that there was about 0.5mm flat.

Tue 18 February 2014, 17:52
Very nice! Do you place the presentation face face up or face down? Looks fantastic! Thanks for the help.

Wed 19 February 2014, 03:41
Cut face down.

Wed 19 February 2014, 16:59
4mm single flute + 90 degree 2mm flat point

up to 4000mm/min