View Full Version : Welding the bolts that the motor plates mount onto...?

Mon 12 August 2013, 01:24
So, as I've struggled with reaching around to tighten the bolts that the x-axis (and the y-axis too, I suppose) motor plates mount onto (the bolts that the teflon washers go onto)...

I scratched my head and wondered why no one welds those bolts in place. It seems like 30 seconds of welding will keep it pretty permanently in place, or is it largely so that if the bolt wears out it can be replaced that they aren't permanently attached? Seems like one point where a bit of welding would only make things easier to modify/work on in the long run. Trying out different motor plates, etc. could all be accomplished from the 'outside' of the machine without needing to reach around to the inside with an allen wrench.

Am I missing something? Anyone else done this? Thoughts?

Mon 12 August 2013, 01:41
You need to do a slot on tip of the screw (it's explained somewhere). then, with a flat screw driver you can hold the screw from outside of the machine, it's easy.

Mon 12 August 2013, 01:45
You know, now that you mention that, I think I remember coming across that early in the build, and probably just forgot to do it at the time. Thanks. :-)

Mon 12 August 2013, 06:02
I don't like to weld screws. Always ruin the threads. Maybe its just my substandard welding skill.

Mon 12 August 2013, 09:44
If you haven't already, just hold the machine screw in a vise and use either a very narrow kerf cut off wheel or hacksaw, and cut a slot in the end of the bolt.
This allows for you to use a standard flat screw driver to hold the screw while setting the nut.

Mon 12 August 2013, 11:58
You can also make your own wrench out of steel that is thin enought to fit inbetween. I was lucky, one of my routers had the same size wrench for the collet nut. (Ryobi):o

Thu 15 August 2013, 15:37
Sounds like a good idea to add to the laser kit. Draw one up and have them cut with the parts.... :)

Wed 06 November 2013, 07:27
For those that are curious... The reason NOT to weld the bolts is to make sure that you have clearance to fit the motors onto the now-welded bolts without the gear interfering (running into) the gantry ends or the Y-car ends. Depending on the hole you use, it can be a problem. Smaller pinion gears might not have the same issue.
Anyway, I welded the pivot bolt for all my motors, and I'm REALLY happy with that. The one on the opposite end, I slotted as advised, as I can't get my motors onto the machine if it were welded in place. Contemplated cutting a clearance 'arch' for the gear to fit through, but decided that the design is perfectly good as it is as long as I don't try to get silly or fancy. :-P

Thu 07 November 2013, 03:25
Hi All

This was an issue for me too so....

1. Slot the bolt with a thin disk
2. Use two nuts locked against each other for a never come loose fixture
3. Broaden out the contact area of the washers to spread with load

I have been meaning to actually let everyone know about how I handed this one for a while but when this came up, it was my reminder.
You might need a longer bolt than the plans specify but it s a great fix for nearly everything that could happen regarding that joint.