View Full Version : 110 volt stepper driver...no need for PS?

Wed 13 February 2013, 11:15
Does anyone have any thoughts on using this as a driver;
KL-11080 http://www.kelinginc.net/KLDriver.html
It looks as though you feed it with 110/120v, so a PS would not be needed?
They do suggest using an isolation transformer.
I think that is used for "noise" control, if so...could you set if up and see if noise was an issue? Also, if an isolation transformer is needed, do you have an idea on how to size one? Many are listed as 110 input/output but have a max VA listed at 250 or less? Also since 4 units are needed (to run 4 motors) do you need 4 isolation transformers or just 1?

Wed 13 February 2013, 15:57
I dont know of anyone using that drive. There is not enough info there on the site to make a good judgement on it in my opinion. For the cost they want for it I would be more inclined to purchase a Gecko drive. They have been used on a lot of builds and their service is next to none if you live in North America.

Wed 13 February 2013, 17:40
From the pdf http://www.kelinginc.net/KL-11080.pdf it states it connect direct to AC current so it must have a rectifier inside, but it would be ok for some really large nema42 motors or 34 with high inductance so you can use that high voltage.

Isolation transformer is a safety device as stated here
used for galvanic isolation, ground loop interference etc.

Sun 17 February 2013, 14:06
Thanks for the replies Heath and Danilo
There are so many choices, and as I keep reading and learning...I always am curious about newer products and technology that simply wasn't available (or much more expensive) even a few years ago (when many of these threads were written).
I think I am getting closer to what is a "good" choice on the parts for my kitchen project.
I truly always appreciate it when anyone takes a moment to comment and add their 2 cents and years of experience!

Wed 20 February 2013, 00:39

As you mentioned "new" technology Google "DSP Stepper Driver" and work outwards from there.;)