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Tue 06 March 2012, 16:08
I have a question and would like some help from some of the seasoned pros. This thread will continue to be added with questions and answers regarding solidworks.

Question 1: if I have an .dxf file of the dinosaurs vectors all on one sheet and I import them into solidworks is there a way to quickly have the software check if the slots are all the same size and if so the ones that are off a bit can the software modify or pinpoint them for me?

Tue 06 March 2012, 18:15
Depends - but typically no.
The depends part is about the part your trying to check. If it's a polyline and a closed object - you can run a filter for all like things after you select that one part and it will pull all objects that are similar. This feature is available in autocad too.

If it's just a notch or space in a part, then most likely not. The DXF conversion often erases the Polyline data and turns the lines into little faceted polygons. No useful info after that happens.

It all depends on your source files.


Tue 06 March 2012, 22:19
Sean, would you mind elaborate on how to use this filter? Been using Acad for decades & still has no idea of how to do things other than drawing lines with a mouse...

Wed 07 March 2012, 05:13
at the command line type the word - filter.
THen, just follow the dialog box that pops up.
(now the order might be slightly off, but you get the idea - I'm not in front of my CAD machine to double check)

-Select the object that you want to compare or find.
- look in the box and you will see all sorts of attributes about that object like:
x attribute
y attribute
z attribute
length, etc.

You then add or delete attributes until you have a good search set.

Then select all the objects in a crossing window that your trying to compare.

Then click apply. This will then highlight all similar things.

I usually then type erase at the command line after the filter is run......
Then undo.
This now stores the "PREVIOUS" found objects and you can now compare them all.

This trick was first taught to me from LEKO here on the forum about 20+ years ago!


Wed 07 March 2012, 07:33
Thanks Sean, trying it out immediate after this.

Wed 07 March 2012, 08:02

Can you use the filter to search for duplicate lines or open vectors?


Wed 07 March 2012, 08:37
Open vectors can be checked by using the PEDIT command. Then select the line your looking at and it will tell you on the command line if it's and open or closed polyline.
Duplicates are tough and I have not found a good way in autocad to find them.

Wed 07 March 2012, 09:35
Duplicates are PITA when they show up... They never fail to ruin my day when they show up. :(

Gerald D
Wed 07 March 2012, 09:44
. . . . . This thread will continue to be added with questions and answers regarding solidworks. . . . .

. . . . .and now we have an AutoCAD discussion

Wed 07 March 2012, 15:19
...lost the focus - sorry.
Jessy - the similar command for filtering is available in solid works too. I just don't know the official name of it. (it's in inventor as well)

Wed 07 March 2012, 15:55
Sean thanks for your help.
I do not think its possible in any program.
Lets say I drew up 10 odd shapes and each shape has a notch in them so they can slip onto a board of the same thickness. Lets say that 1 piece has the sized slot that it needs to slip onto that board but the other 9 pieces are either too wide or too skinny. Could you identify them without individually measuring each piece or better yet somehow have the software size the slot to match the material thickness off a center point on each slot? I highly doubt this and manual manipulation is just what is required I guess.

Thanks again guys for the help...

Thu 08 March 2012, 20:41

Can you use the filter to search for duplicate lines or open vectors?


In Solidworks (dunno in acad) if you try to make an extruded piece with an open vector it errors, so there you have it, easy way to find if a vector is open or have loose lines.


Fri 09 March 2012, 17:54
It is the same in solid works also it will not extrude if it is open, you can create relations to all of the slots , where if you change one it will change the rest of them to the same measurement.