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Sat 14 January 2012, 23:56
Anybody out there that can help me with the Yaskawa V1000 (CIMR - VCBA 0010 BAA) setup ?
I cannot get it to AUTO-TUNE. Also a bit confused with all the setups available.
Just the BASIC to get it to turn the spindle 8000, 12000 and 18000 rpm will do.

Gerald D
Sun 15 January 2012, 01:10
Typically "auto-tune" for a controller means an automatic way of setting up the rate of response to a change in input signal. In our application, we are not really concerned about that. So, I think you are barking up the wrong tree by looking at auto-tune. That is my first impression, without knowing anything about the Yaskawa.

Sun 15 January 2012, 01:35
Thank's Gerald, I thought Auto-Tune will be a SHORTCUT in setting up the drive.
You enter the kW, the voltage, the current, the motor base freq. ,the number of poles and the motor rated speed from the motor plate.. then the drive should set itself up to work with this motor ????
Confusing !

Sun 15 January 2012, 02:14
I defaulted the VFD to factory default using A1-03 code 2220
I then used the Auto-Tuning and entered the following data:
T1-02 = 3 kW
T1-03 = 220 Volt
T1-04 = 8 Amp .... not sure this is correct
T1-05 = 300.... Motor Base Freq. .. not sure this is correct
T1-06 = 2... motor poles
T1-07 = 18000 ... read somewhere that it is better to run Chinese spindles at 18000.... not sure this is correct.

The drive then did the Auto-Tune....started making some soft noises, speeding up etc.

Then returned with a END notification that said ALL DONE.

I could then enter 2000 on keypad and the spindle turned I think at 12000 rpm
Up it to 3000 and it was humming away...I think at 18000 rpm.
Anybody feel free to check and then I can make adjustments.

Gerald D
Sun 15 January 2012, 02:20
Great! Your auto-tune tuned out to be a auto-setup :)

Sun 15 January 2012, 02:24
Call it whatever one like...it helped because with 246 pages of parameter it is a jungle to figure everything out.
Still not sure I have all the correct parameters of my spindle entered in correctly in the Auto whatever thingamajig

Sun 15 January 2012, 04:17
Next hurdle... to get Mach3 to switch it on and off.

Done the setup


When I connect S1 to SC I notice the RUN LED flashing but the spindle does not come on.

I also notice upon switch on that the VFD default to


F =0.00

Maybe there is a place to default this STARTUP Frequency to something like 2000 so that when it switch on and is in RE setup, the S1 connection will get it to start spinning.

Any ideas ? I have never used a remote switch on a VFD.

Sun 15 January 2012, 05:21
Ok got that one sorted.

Found the info on page 77 of the manual.


Now it display something and when I connect S1 to SC the spindle start up and when I release it, the spindle stop's

I hope this help somebody that buy a new YASKAWA V1000 VFD.

Now on to get Mach3 to change the SPEED.... ai ai digging into these manuals makes my head turn... I think I need a RUM and Coke. :D

Sun 15 January 2012, 05:45
I find you have to study the VFD book like you do the MM plans.

Often and over lots of coffee (or liquid of choice) :D !!

Of course I don't recommend VUI (VFD Under the Infulence) :)

Do you have a link to the manual ?

Sun 15 January 2012, 06:01

The printed manual you get with the drive is worth NOTHING.... I used a couple of documents from this list to get it working.

Sun 15 January 2012, 06:51

Man your right this thing has a lot of options. The qiuck start guide is 231 pages :) !!!

Mon 16 January 2012, 05:41
with the exception of the chinese huangyang vfd manual, which its not bad but can be improved a lot, I never saw an incomplete or brief VFD manual, all of them are understandable and followable (is that a word?)

ETA to dust? :D

Mon 16 January 2012, 09:34
Hi Pablo,
My thinking is they are all INCOMPLETE none UNDERSTANDABLE and not easy to FOLLOW:D or I am just to stupid to catch it the first time.