View Full Version : Gmax-CNCtoolkit script & EMC2

Sat 14 May 2011, 05:42
Im planing to use this combination and was wondering if anyone else is using this combination, and if so how is it working out for you?

Sun 15 May 2011, 00:01
I haven't used gmax, but emc2 works well.

Sun 15 May 2011, 05:26
Thanks Jeff,

How easy to set up is it and are you running a VFD and spindle of it?

Sun 15 May 2011, 09:46
No, I use a router. By all accounts it's more difficult to set up than Mach, but it's very flexible.

I had zero previous experience with motion control before installing this, but I use it in its most rudimentary way.

Lots of people are using EMC2 for spindle control, z-plates and touch probing, but it's not plug and play.

Gmax suggests that you intend to use a 4th axis?

Mon 16 May 2011, 03:16
Gmax from what I can gather will handle extra axis which i eventually want to do but another good thing for me is it runs off the 3d max interface and it's also free.

Thanks for the advice on e=mc2 as you say it's not plug and play but the ability to use it for different applications is an atraction for me.

I like these open source programs as they are a bit like the mechmate experience.

Sat 06 August 2011, 02:40