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Fri 25 March 2011, 00:42
Just picked up a new Gecko 201X today. All axes are in working order. However.......

The new Gecko is faulting with a red LED. Tried to reset but no luck. Haven't found any other reference on the Gecko site yet. What is going on and how do I fix this?

Voltage is measuring 56.6 like the 3 existing Geckos. Current is set at 3A same as the others. Opened the drive and blew some air to clean it. Nothing.

I feel like the Gecko Gods are against me in completing the machine :D

Fri 25 March 2011, 05:29
Did you try to put in into a known working spot?

Fri 25 March 2011, 11:00
Suggest you disconnect the motor from the Gecko at the Gecko end, and measure the resistance of the wires + motor to see if it is what you expect - the same low resistance value across both A and B phases, open circuit between phases, open circuit to ground.

Wed 17 October 2012, 05:18
I had some problems with the gecko related to loosy conectors .... does change anything if you move with yours fingers the conectors ? I had to dismantle the conector and tight the contacts ....

Thu 18 October 2012, 21:15
Sergio, I called Gecko when I first had the problem but don't remember what technical support told me. I remember testing it with a multi-meter and everything checked out so I kept it in the control box. It's still in use and I haven't had any problem with that axis.

Thu 18 October 2012, 22:13
I don't use Gecko, but are your signal ground connected to the power ground?
They should not be connected.

Gerald D
Fri 19 October 2012, 00:26
Ken, Tuan fixed his problem more than a year ago. Sergio only saw his post yesterday :)

Fri 19 October 2012, 00:56
opps :o