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Mon 21 March 2011, 17:50
Hello to all:
First sorry for my english,im from Brasil and i LOVE Gecko Drives,and now i would like to use servos but i dont know were to buy for use on gecko servo drive.Can some one help me?Thanks.. Marcello

Mon 21 March 2011, 20:25
The G320X is a servo drive from Geckodrive:


I won't go into the benefits of servo vs. stepper motors, other than to say that my mechmate is using steppers :).

Tue 22 March 2011, 03:25
If I understand right he needs servo motors for use with gecko drives.
you can look here on /Keling Inc. site I think they have nice quality for fair price. You will also need encoders for them.

Tue 22 March 2011, 05:19
The Keling site lists the servo motors based on their peak torque. That is misleading. The constant torque is about 20% of the peak torque. Their biggest motor has 226 oz*in of constant torque.

I've done some experimenting with a servo motor. It's big and heavy. As far as I can tell, it is the same motor that Keling sells as the KL34-180-90.

At 70VDC, it runs at 2,200 RPM top.

It draws a lot of current, close to 8A continuously and 20A or more instantaneously.

It has less torque than a much smaller stepper motor; however, it maintains its torque as the speed increases. A stepper motor loses torque (quickly) as the speed increases.

Computations show that the motor is barely practical with a single-stage belt-drive. With a 3.6:1 reduction, it only has 800 oz*in of torque. Its top speed would be about 650 inches per minute. (Those computations assume a 500 line quadrature encoder which gives 2,000 'pulses' per rotation.)

Tue 22 March 2011, 18:50
Yes Mr Danilom:
I need the servos because the drives i have.I just want to learn more about servos and see in the machines what is the diferences between servo and the steppers.Thanks for the replys for my post.
Again sorry for my English

From Brasil

Jason Marsha
Thu 24 March 2011, 16:45
Check out.