View Full Version : Getting the Rails

Tue 09 November 2010, 05:22
I was wondering if anyone has found any good pre-made rails, or a clever way to get them made around SA? I'd rather not angle grind myself them if there is another way.

Tue 09 November 2010, 08:01
I believe that Gerald had is rails professionally ground by a local vendor.
You may want to contact Sean @ CamCraft for details.


Gerald D
Tue 09 November 2010, 09:24
We used http://www.roemers.co.za/ but they did us a favour in exchange for some stuff I supplied to them. I don't think they will normally take on a job like this.

Wed 10 November 2010, 01:02
Thanks guys, I will try my luck at Roemers, and take it from there...