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Fri 01 October 2010, 23:03
For those who have the Chinese VFDs, I have found a complete manual for these devices, with error code explanation, recommended brake resistor for each size of VFD, setup procedures, etc.....

I have only found extracts from this manual but never a complete listing.

I had a quick look through the MechMate/cnczone sites but could not find a complete copy. If there is already a copy available, could the administrator please delete this thread.


Sat 02 October 2010, 07:09
this one does not look like the huanyang VFD thats popular with the cheap spindles, the command set and instructions are the same?

Sat 02 October 2010, 17:17
Ken sent me the document, I converted it to PDF and now it can be attached to the post. This one looks like it is the manual for the HuanYang VFD.

Sat 02 October 2010, 18:20
I have this copy but the last 2 sections are missing the information I needed.
I compared the index of both copies and they are identical.
There is a variation in the command listing, there has been a shift in command numbering. The command explanation are the same but the numbering is different and the prefix is changed from PD to CD.

If I remember I got this document from one of the links from the Huanyang web site links in China. It was about a year ago and I cannot find the link I used - there has been so many with this mechmate project!!!!!!!!

By using both copies of the documentation we might be able to get a better understand of this device and get the best out of it. On reading about this VFD, there is so much more that it can do than just control the speed of rotation and convert single phase to 3 phase.

One command I think that could be useful is the ramping up the speed over a period of time. Could be used for the warming up period before using it for the day. Also there is a ramping down of speed for cooling the spindle down at the end of the days work. If I remember from my engineering study days that both warming and cooling are important to bearing life.


Fri 19 November 2010, 17:52
Does anyone know which of the board terminals is the 12V output? Mine doesnt match the pics in the manual. Here is my terminal block

Fri 19 November 2010, 18:52
It doesn't appear that it has one! Unless it's on those two blanked out connectors.

10V should be +10V though (relative to ACM)

Sat 20 November 2010, 13:11
Thanks Brad, Yes I figured it out, 10V is 10 volts reletive to ACM, that was my problem until I realized it is opto-isolated.