View Full Version : Experience with VectorWorks or Microvellum?

Thu 23 September 2010, 02:54
Has anybody experiance with
- VectorWorks cabinetmaker or
- Microvellum cabinetmaker

In combination with a Mechmate?

I am evaluating both.


Fri 18 February 2011, 15:05
In a word, yes - indirectly. My day job's exhibit designer & I regularly have custom countertops cut out-of-house. All they need is a dxf. (a 1-step export from Vectorworks). 2 days later I've got my counter (3/4" duraply). I wish I could say I was involved in the cutting process, but we use a vendor for that purpose. But this too shall pass....

Fri 18 February 2011, 20:33
Vectorworks and AutoCAD.

But if your looking for a strictly CAD based solution that is similar, but far more affordable - look at CorelDraw, TurboCAD or even AutoCAD lite.


Sat 19 February 2011, 03:33
Use Auto cad to draw your components and then send it to cut 2 d in a dxf file,Cheap and nasty

Sat 19 February 2011, 20:23
I think Hans is interested into BIM type of software, where you tell the software what you need and type of design, then the software will spit out the DXF files.
Bim is slowly getting more known, just that the die hard autocad guru's like to draw each and every line over and over again :D