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Tue 03 August 2010, 03:53
Hi a suggestion: is it possible mount only one box with 3 button - red e-stop button - pause button - and resume button? I don't find on forum threads, do you know the datasheet components that i need ?

Tue 03 August 2010, 08:23
The location of the boxes are up to you but from my experience the locations that Gerald picked are perfect. I usually use my pendent but I have used each of the boxes. When you are working a file and you need to pause, you want them close. A few seconds can make a big difference when you don't want a job or a clamp destroyed.

Tue 03 August 2010, 09:17
Can you give me a link to threads about this problem? I need to buy all 3 button and components i can't find it thanks

Tue 03 August 2010, 17:59

You are looking for any push button for the Pause and Resume. You will want the contact block to be normally open.

For the estop you will want a mushroom type. You will need a normally open and normally closed contact blocks. Most of the buttons have enough room to mount 3 contact blocks. I cannot remember the thread right now off the top of my head but here is a link to the site I bought my stuff from.

Should get you in the right direction

Switches http://www.factorymation.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.151025/.f

Pushbutton Enlosure http://www.factorymation.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.14656/.f

Wed 04 August 2010, 03:55
Thanks so much Regnar

Wed 04 August 2010, 05:25
Do you know wiring for estop - pause e resume button to PMDX-122?Thanks

Wed 04 August 2010, 05:29
I am getting annoyed at the excessive hand holding given out regarding this user that is taking up my quality reading time on this forum. Obviously no instructions have been read or any effort put into understanding even the most basic of setups.:mad:

Wed 04 August 2010, 05:39
Sorry but i want to finish machine and i have yet much work to do, are about one year that i working and i try to solve problems step by step, i'm tired, thanks a lot of your suggestions e time spent for me

Wed 04 August 2010, 06:10

One of the things you can do is do a search on a topic. Or look at a build that is complete or in the main topic for the topic you are looking for. We are happy to help builders but we do like to see some one put time into doing some research. Most of us have done that. But most of us have had to get some help along the way.


I notice you have been around since Feb, be a little more patient.

Wed 04 August 2010, 10:45
http://www.mechmate.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281 for pause and resume and estop to pmdx board are all the same.

The real estop wiring is in the plans.

Wed 04 August 2010, 15:24

We're all in this together. Gerald spent a lot of time to give us valuable information to get things started. Since then many have added more information to make some of the process easier.

Electronics is one area where "one size" does not fit all applications. There is no world-wide standard CNC router electronic package.

I've been using and designing electronics since 1978. At the beginning everything was confusing. Nothing worked. I didn't have the proper test equipment. I didn't know what to expect. I was lost. I remember very well the day that I bought some 7-segment L.E.D.s. As the clerk was putting them in the bag. I asked him how to use them. Twenty-five years later, when that clerk retired, he told a few of us at his retirement party about the guy that came in, bought some 7-segment displays and then asked him how to use them. I reminded everyone that I was that guy. We all got a good laugh because we had all ridden that learning curve and it wasn't always a smooth ride.

I spent two years in Belgium and France where I had to conduct all communication in French. Six months before I came back to the United States, my assignment was changed. I needed to do some technical things and I didn't have the French vocabulary to communicate in that technical field. It was hard. People were patient with me. Somehow everything worked out.

Many of the people who post here know about as much technical English as I knew technical French. That should not be an obstacle for them or for us.

We're all riding on the coat tails of those who came before us. Gerald started it. Others helped along the way. Still others will come along and make things even better.

Offer a hand if you can; otherwise please realize that this is a new adventure for most and just like any new adventure, the beginning can be difficult.

Fri 20 September 2013, 06:38
What a great post Mike.
The last line summed it up perfectly.

I was looking for some information about the placement of the axis cables and I came across this.